Monday, June 11, 2012

The Week

Beginning last Sunday had Kori's graduation..then that following Wednesday Joe's graduation ( step-son) then worked through Friday..Saturday baby Stella's photo session which went wonderful..then yesterday co-worker and friend Andrea's Daddy /daughter photo session at the Detroit Zoo...and last finally caught up with me...EXHAUSTION! lol The heat, and the lack of rest and the constant go, go, go...finally just burned me out to the point of no return. Took the day off today and just relaxed and finally this evening feeling a bit better..ready for a new day tomorrow.
So without further ado...
My youngest Kori on graduation day! Incredibly proud!

Step-son Joe, also incredibly proud!!

 Just a few of the shots from baby Stella's photo session..what a little doll but WOW 7 month old babies are active! Love this age...their so fun and soft :)
Much more images to edit this coming weekend...another post with some beautiful images I have taken just for fun over the past few days...stayed tuned!


  1. Awww... this post brought tears to my eyes!!!
    Thank you for sharing your life and family ((hugs))
    Congratulations to both!!! :]
    Best of wishes...

  2. Thank you so much April! I shed some tears of my own over the past week weeks. Full of pride for these kids! :)