Friday, June 29, 2012

Things I Was Thankful For Thursday

Waking Up
Don making good coffee
Happy Mail!
( Been waiting all week for this to come in the mail!)
Headache finally letting up...after 8 days of sinus torture
My always..
Micheal's $1.00 finds!
Sonic's Cherry Lime-Aid
The Weekend
Water pump on my car replaced
Sticky Notes
My creative space...even if it is only a corner in a room
and everything else good in life!


  1. P.S. If you have not bought this book I strongly suggest checking it it in the mail today and was unable to put it down for the first 4 chapters...profound. Well written and words so incredibly wise...

  2. YES!!! I just recently purchased this book, as part of my summer reading.
    So glad to read, your headache has let up! ((hugs))