Sunday, July 01, 2012

Eventful Weekend!

Hi fellow artists..."ladies and gentlemen...hobos and tramps cross-eye'd mosquito's' and bowlegged ants...admissions free pay at the door pick up a chair, sit in the floor" anyone know what that is from? My ad use to crack me up as a kid reciting that...he never got it right but it was one of the funniest things he ever did...onward> has been such an eventful week and weekend that I feel the need to apologize for seemingly abandoning my blog has not been my intention. Last weekend we had Don's bothers wedding in Midland. Mi. that was a rather eventful weekend and the entire time I had this killer sinus headache that ended up lasting throughout the week and still tries to linger even as I write to you. The weather has been less than pleasant here in Michigan..very hot and humid..and we are drastically in need of rain...worked all week while feeling like I was dieing from the horrific headache when I finally broke down and visited the clinic on campus at the college I work surprise, I am suffering from a bad sinus infection. It's been a rough one. Despite it..and with the help of Motrin, sinus Advil  and lots of coffee and water I have been able to meet all of life's demands and commitments this weekend. Took Josh home to Brighton on Friday, ran errands had a nice lunch..worked on art..yesterday I did a photo shoot for a good friend and colleague Denise for her parents  50th Wedding Anniversary....stories such as theirs are so inspiring. Fifty-years of commitment and "Oh you again" day after day...takes strength my friends...:) They are a lovely family, a lovely couple and I felt honored that she asked me to be a part of that fun event. It was hot....event took place on their home property which was lovely in itself...I'd love to post some of the images I took of them but would like to obtain permission from Denise prior to doing that so that may be in the works for later this week. I've been here and there when time gives me a few moments really loving this book by Susannah Conway titled " this i know: Notes on Unraveling The Heart. Here is a link of you are not in the know.

and here is a link to the info about her book:

I have no doubt many people will love this book and say they were able to relate in so many ways to it. I have been really profoundly moved by this book so far and I am really loving her end of chapter reflections and challenges. I was in the process of making a mini album Bucket List Journal prior to reading the 4 chapters I have made it though in the craziness of the long days and nights as of recent...and one suggestion without giving her book away is to write letters to the people in your life that you love or who have touched your life in profound ways. I have since started a new album and can't tell you how pleased I am with it thus far.  The pages will be first collage, painted and stamped and each page will be dedicated to one of those people from my own life. I plan to hand -write the letters to them and they will be placed in envelopes that I have been finding in all sorts of great places...found some great 1930's air mail envelopes at the flee market the other day with some amazing old stamps and post office type documents...will a photo of some of those great finds...
Here are some photos..that I took in a step by step method to post a how-to post for those who may want to make a simple and inexpensive mini journal or can be used for any sort of thing you wish but mine originated from wanting to make a Bucket List album. If you are on a tight budget this can be made out of any type of cardboard with a ruler and scrap-scraps! Check this out.
cardboard ( as many as you would like 6x6 squares..can also be cut into any type of shape really or size..get creative with it.. I bought mine at the craft store pre-cut in a dollar bin.....gotta love those dollar bins!
A binder ring or some sort of binding means...string, rope, anything really can be used to bind the pages I just used the ring that was provided in the package
Glue sticks or mod podge whichever you prefer...I am using currently Martha Stewart glue that my sister put in a goody bag for my birthday...I actually love this glue to be works great for this project so far
Scraps of any kind...old pages from books, any type of Ephemera...which we will talk about here in a moment. I keep forgetting that word...makes me slightly my opinion ephemera is one of the most important elements of making a art journal or collage work..that is just my opinion ...I love all sorts of ephemera...
paint, stamps, or anything else you use in your own process...
Here are some photos of the first one the bucket list I'm working on..

 These pages and images I just posted are still on the very beginning fact, you probably wont recognize them when I am done with them..but thought someone out there might like to see the beginning stages to maybe give it a go! It doesn't cost much in fact everything you see here aside from the cardboard booklet from the dollar bin I already had in my scrap boxes. Here is the one and only great find from the flee market yesterday morning. Was honestly disappointed with that trip but happy I found one guys booth tucked away in a corner with some great things...
 And here is the book I am making from being inspired by Susannah's book! I'm really loving this but it too is in the very beginning stages...yes I many projects in the works...this is how I have to do it and it is actually beneficial...if i get stuck on one...something usually comes to me for the other...

 And so it its raw stages...worked on it for about and our last night and time has not been nice and apparently it wont be today either...My oldest Sam just called and want Don and I to join her and my other daughter Kori out at Stoney Creek for fireworks this evening and a day at the park / beach...not really looking forward to getting sick from the sun again but willing to give it a go for the fun time we always have with my girls their so fun to hang out with...Frisbee..canoes, paddle, nature trails and nature center...the place is a blast..just gotta get rid of this headache so off to the shower I go and you go enjoy your Sunday...hope its a great one friends...thanks for sticking around and being patient with my post..this has certainly been one of the busiest summer's I've lived thus far..keep coming back for more...I will continue o post images as my little books progress...I'm sure I will be taking a million photos out there today..and maybe i will get lucky enough to find a shady spot under some beautiful tree to finish Susannah's book! Here we come Stoney Creek....
peace & love
sparklers & sand in my toes


  1. Oh, these are fantastic, fun "beginning" stages of work!! :]
    Now... you really have me interested, into diving into this book!!!
    Can not wait! Thank you for sharing :]
    Enjoy your 4th of July. ((hugs))

  2. Thank you April I hope you have a good holiday (4th of July) Been working hard on this book and have so many thing sot share and post just struggling with finding the time to do that lol Coming this weekend lots of goodies and photos! Be sure to stop back by and thanks for feedback let me know what you think of the book...I am on Chapter 8 it has bene slow moving but only cause life has been so busy...its touched me in many ways!