Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another crazy long week coming to a close...

Let's see...noteworthy events of the week.
  • Last week Sunday~ Debbie got food poisoning and was in the hospital 
  • Monday~ sick all day from food poisoning night before
  • Tuesday~ Worked 9 hours
  • Wednesday~ Worked nine hours then spent 5 in the Emergency room with Don in A-Fib Don is admitted
  • Thursday~ Worked til 1 then went to hospital Don got released about 5:30 got 10 minute oil change and groceries came home and we slept like rocks
  • Friday~ 11:00am Senior photo shoot, sisters place home and later that night Brave at MJR
  • Saturday~ Slept in, helped Don get caught up on his homework, got his new medications and then went to Brighton for his sons birthday party home at 11:00 pm last night worked on editing photos until 4am or close...dont remember I was in zombie land
  • Today...Sunday...having strawberries, raspberries, banana's, grapes, coffee and protein mix then showering, couple of quick house chores and to see Kori when she gets off work at 3 for just a few then home to do work laundry, Send Juliette the 4 photos she has been waiting on...( Sorry Juliette as you see its been a week) and finally going to try to complete the mail art goodie I'm making for April Cole to get mailed out to her this week!
List of gratitude for the day
  • Waking up..that's a good start
  • All the kids and the day we had with them good to see them all
  • Don feeling and doing better and his new medication that regulates his heart rate
  • Coffee beans
  • Summer breeze
  • Fresh fruit in the morning
  • Celia spending a week with Don & I :)
  • Art supplies my sissy gave me on Friday and the book she loaned me to read that I can't wait to have a moments rest to dig into ( Ordinary Sparkling Moments)
  • Music..(when the day comes that I go to, music, imagination, the coffee bean and my children will be listed among the top five fav's on this planet)
  • Shower too lol 
  • All of you...<3  
  • my camera      

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