Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dream A Little Dream

We tell students all the time that...there will be things they excel at and things they will surely struggle with throughout their college never look at a bad grade or a failure like a failure only a set back and a reason to strive yet harder for what they want. 

I find myself doing this often.
Like, swimming with enormous strength in my legs, holding my breath for longer durations of time, pushing massive weighted water behind my hands as if to fly through deep water...

No, I'm not really talking about water or swimming...a simile of sorts,
comparing the struggle of making life what I'd like it to be or reaching goals that I have aimed for or would like to aim for. 

You can never stop swimming. Harder, faster, longer.
You can never stop dreaming..
when you are as good as gone..

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  1. Lovely post!! ~xx
    We must never stopping believing... it starts with ourself. :]