Saturday, July 28, 2012

Good day pals!

Hello Cheerios!
Good day...hope this finds you all well. Tried to make a post earlier but things just kept keeping me from focusing and getting it done...weekend has been productive and relaxing at the same time. Yesterday we took Don's daughter Celia home to Brighton after spending a week with us...nice to have her here just feel bad that I had to work almost every day she was here..still enjoyed her company and we had fun in the time we did share. Last night I dived head first into organizing my little creative corner in the world. Had no idea what I was getting myself into...I have enough for a studio and live in a very small apartment in the my creative "studio" also serves as a bedroom and office lol....What you will see here in the after before photos I dont have the gull to load those a drop in the bucket...I have two closets with bins of art materials and ya well any of you who are artists understand completely. I dream of one day being able to afford a very small quaint little with a bedroom or basement or SHED for the love of Buddha...that I can convert into a studio of sorts...but that just is not in the cards right now for me and I am thankful for what I do have. I truly mean that and while it is not the beautiful studios we see in Where Woman Create or "upscale" it is mine and I work my ass for all that I do have so I'm very proud of my little corner. :) Just can't tell you much crap I had to go through to get it this well organized...was talking with a Facebook friend who is also an artist last night and she assured me that it is not just me who goes through this art sick process..where you bust your bottom organizing, cleaning sorting and two months later you are saying what happened here? I'm a bit O.C.D. from what I am told...and I really need things neat and orderly so it never gets too far out of control but it was worse than usual because  the summer has been so incredibly busy and my bedroom was flipped last week....long sigh...its done! was long and hard...told myself at 730 I would have it done by midnight and not sure if you can see the clock there think it said like 11:57 lol I DID IT!!
And so...slept like a baby last night and tried to sleep in this morning but internal alarm clock...coupled with a slightly POSSESSED alarm clock wasn't letting that happen...glad it went down that way had much to do today.
My beautiful girls Sam and Kori came to see me this morning as well as Sam's boyfriend Garrett..they were here by 9am...that was so girls are 23 almost 24 and 17 almost 18 ( both in day did I do that? Need I explain how that happened? My obgyn asked me that as well and I told him if he needed that explained maybe he was not the man i wanted in the delivery room lol their one day shy of five years was so nice to seem them however, I get to where I miss them so teribly they both work and have boyfriends and their social beings and do many fun things...I'm happy about that but I get to where I miss them and need them like water..I'm a very lucky mom I have wonderful kids...(heart)
and so...we headed out went by my sisters place for a short visit...she was wonderful in letting me borrow her Polaroid...been dieing to play with one so tomorrow I will be experimenting with that..went grocery shopping...came home helped Don with some homework...he hates English and  I tutor it every single day at my day job..helping people with APA formatting and proper citation...writing processes and all of that so I don't have much patience with him for it just because I get a bit burned out but he hates it and I'm glad to help him if he at least TRIES first.
Then we took a ride downtown Detroit to do some photography...dont believe everything you hear and read there are parts of the city that are FULL of beautiful architecture and history...culture and I love the city but it was a huge mistake and waste of time and gas...i should know better but there was a Tiger game down there tonight and some sort of festival on the river so there was NO parking and we just ended up taking the long scenic route home along the river and Lake St. Clair ..
Was able to get a couple of shots of one of the many beautiful churches downtown that I just love..
came back and made a wonderful salad and cracked a good bottle of new wine...Kroger had wine tasting today believe it or not and it was yummy so I grabbed a bottle...compliments of California...cheers to you out there on the West Coast.....

And now...I sit with a glass of wine...and plan to work on some art until I need to rest my head...nothing pending no hurry tonight..I hope you are having a fantastic weekend..have a good night pals and I will see you again soon!

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