Thursday, July 05, 2012

Head's Up on Creative Sugar!

Hey folks..wanted to share something special with you all. Many of us know and love artist, teacher, storyteller and adventurer Juliette Crane...huge fan of her and her work...if you are not in the know here is a link to her be sure to check her out and keep reading!

Beautiful her work is. Juliette is working on a very cool story telling project called Creative Sugar right now and here is the link to that:

(By Juliette Crane)
If you are limited in time please let me fill you in on this cool endevour she is embarking on!
Juliette is asking for submissions from anyone and everyone who has a positive story they would like to share. She will be choosing and posting these stories on her blog every Tuesday and what an honor to be letting you all know that I submitted a positive story I had to Creative Sugar and Juliette will be featuring my story on her blog August 21st 2012!! I am so honored and stoked to be a part of her project and believe that nothing but goodness can come from this project, putting positive out into the universe and helping people remember that there is still good in this world. This is quote from Juliette's blog regarding this project and a link to the submission rules and guidelines!

"Every Tuesday on my blog, I'll be featuring a new story. Your story can be about long as it's full of positivity and makes your heart laugh or swoon. Maybe your story is about someone who let you go ahead of them in line at the grocery store, just when you needed that most. Or maybe it's about your nephew who always makes you laugh. Please share anything inspirational. And feel free to pass this on to any friends who might love to share their stories too.

If you are interested in submitting your story, and I will let you know when I will be posting it on my blog" ( Crane, 2012, papa.2-3). 
 Sorry for the formal APA in-text citation there is only appropriate when using someone elses words or work to give them credit for it correct? :)
And so...shooting a wedding this weekend...I have so many new photos to edit and share with you all, such limited time and so many projects in the works my head is spinning. Hoping for some serious relaxation time at some point this weekend and specially tomorrow to do some sharing so thank you for stopping by and please many great things to come! Now...stroll over to Juliette's blog...check out her work and share your story with her!


  1. This sounds terrific!! What fun!! :]
    Can not wait to read your story on her blog, congratulations. ((hugs))

  2. thank you so much for spreading the word and submitting your story! i've been blown away by the stories i've already received and can't wait to keep this storytelling project and inspiration growing :)

    have a lovely weekend!