Monday, July 09, 2012

HUGE blog post..lots of photo updates and kidney stones :(

I have so much to share and catch up with you all on! So many photos and stories to share with you all that I have been depositing into my blogging memory bank of note worthiness.
I am so sorry that life has been incredibly busy this summer, not to mention a bit stressful that I have been limited in time and when I get here finally it is kind of like information overload! From the heart I am sorry for that I know you are all busy as well and just hope its worthy enough information and updates that it keeps you reading and looking! Thanks for being here by the way..I love this blog world and hence I have a bank in my brain for just you all!

First thing is I last posted about Juliette Crane’s Creative Sugar page and how I submitted a story to her and it will be featured on her blog on August 21st. Since I submitted that story the whole purpose behind it has really been uplifting and inspiring and I have found that random acts of kindness really do fill up my heart and soul. Without any thought of this the other day Don and I stopped off at Wal-Mart to pick up a few quick things we needed like ADVIL for the terrible sinus headaches I’ve had for two weeks now. While in line there, there was a woman with her two beautiful little girls behind us. I mean this woman’s daughters were so adorable age range was possibly 3-4 yrs old and maybe 10 yrs old? I watched the youngest of the two pick up a large box on a clearance shelf located by the check-out of foamy art stickers like 1000 piece set and she was staring at it with huge eyes and almost hugging it she turned to mom and I heard her politely begging for this box. Saying “ Please mommy, I promise I will make you pretty stuff with it” and I heard mom very quietly say “ Sweety we talked about this before we came to the store, we can’t today maybe another day” and my heart completely sank. I knew that talk. My mother had it with me all throughout childhood and more than likely that talk was the same one I had heard. The one adults can relate to and children try to understand, but really don’t. The talk that really means…we can’t afford it. I turned around and saw their cart, and noticed there were about 10 food items in the cart. I asked mom, if I could get the foamy stickers for her girls and she was very sweet about saying yes. Don was worried she may be offended but I asked her quietly and without her girls hearing it, while Don went into the whole, “She’s an artist and she just loves when kids like making things” lol Once we got up to the checkout I got a separate bag for their box and when they came through the line I approached the little girl and knelled down and said “ This is for you but I want you to promise me something” Her hand on the bag and a big smile on her face she shook her head yes…I said “Promise me you will make your mommy lots of pretty things and that you will be nice and share this with your sister” She shook her head yes and we went about our day. Juliette had inspired me subconsciously and it was then I realized that I do this sort of thing from time to time when I am able to…not for any type of favor in return, not so that God will spill great things upon me..he is seemingly far too busy with the state of this world right now for little ol’ me…but because it genuinely, fills up my heart. Thank you, Juliette, for inspiring me. We all can change the world with just the planting of a random act of kindness seed…

So dating back to the week of the 4th of July, my girls invited Don & I out to Stoney Creek park (a favorite place of my girls as well as Don and I) for a day of relaxing and fireworks that evening. It was a Sunday and I was extremely exhausted and not really wanting to go, but up for the time with my girls together which is becoming hit and miss these days at their ages..we packed some fruit and veggies, some bottles of water and goodies and headed out. It was a blast…right up until the time we pulled out of the parking lot after the fireworks. We got stuck in non moving traffic for over three hours to get home that night. Left there at 1039 and did not get home until 230 in the morning and had to work that day. Was not happy about that but looking back it really was worth it. I took my book “this I know: Notes on Unraveling The Heart” by Susannah Conway with me and found a shady tree to lay under with my book and just relaxed..Took photos..Read..Had some good fruit and enjoyed watching my girls have fun..Over all it was a fantastic day! Here are some photos from that day and night. Played with setting in my camera for the fireworks to see what I could make it do and got some rather interesting shots hope you will agree!

I will say once again prior to the photos that if you have not gotten this book yet do yourself a favor and get it. Susannah Conway will hear this from many people, but that book has honestly changed my outlook on a few things and has generated some introspection for me and it has also inspired me to make a book that I will share with you all here today too…think I posted about this book and it beginning processes a couple of blogs back. I finally got all of the pages collaged and am just starting to apply layers, words and personalize it…this project is very near and dear to heart so thank you Susannah Conway as well. So inspiring people are to me…Without further ado..
Stoney Creek
The view from laying under a shady tree with book in hand :)
Everything a girl needs for a relaxing day on the lake under a tree..
My beautiful isn't she?!
Two peas in a pod I tell ya!
Same pout she used at 3 years Kori (almost 18) lol
NOW I know why my bubble bottle is bone dry!
Silly glow in the dark hats and bunny ears! We three girls are suckers for that stuff!
One of my favorite images of little hippie chic...<3
Sammy giving mom love <3
Sammy giving Garett love <3
Sammy being silly :)~

Air traffic controller or just excited for the fireworks to begin?
Best self portrait of me EVER! I was having a tall day!

 While under my lovely hand picked tree reading this i know...I came across a suggestion that said to write messages to yourself in the sand or carve it into a tree...I looked at Sam and showed her what it said and asked her...."What message should I write to myself in the sand, we are after-all on a beach.." She said "I will write you one come on"...Grabbed my camera and this is what she wrote. Instant tears...Thank you Sammy <3 I love much. Anything beautiful you see in me is because of you and your sister. <3

 The next set of photos are things I asked all of the kids, Don and myself to collect throughout the day. Anything that had a cool shape or color, things they saw that caught their eye even if a leaf or a feather and these are the things we all ended up collecting that day...they are currently drying on a canvas in an arrangement that will hang in my living room...there are art supplies only have to look for them...

We were surrounded by lake...our view to one side as the sun was going down...
another view of the setting sun
My personal favorite one...not sure how but its cool...

 The sweet thing about watching fireworks over a lake or body of water of some sort is the reflection and the winds effect on them...played with all sorts of settings just to see what I could get from it was aiming for some abstract type images and guess I got what I was aiming for :)

 And this brings us current. Saturday I shot a wedding for my ex's niece who still considers me Aunt Debbie. We all had a wonderful time however...the hall had broken air conditioning and it was almost 100 degrees willing to bet it hit 100 and the humidity was almost about 100%. It made me sick no matter how much water I drank I still got very severely dehydrated..many photos out with the bridal party in the hot sun...I do not remember the last time I sweat like that. Now..I am home for the day in terrible discomfort with passing kidney stones. This is a sign that I am spreading myself a bit too thin and that mother nature and the human body will win every time. I am relaxing for the day..and getting lots of rest, lots of cold water with lemon which helps cleanse the kidney..and praying this is short lived.
I have done nothing but go for the last 8-9 weeks. As you can see from my lengthy posts and all of the stuff I have been doing, it is time for a much needed break. I have nothing else scheduled until November and I fully plan on taking advantage of that and relaxing. Making art. Being inspired, Reading my favorite books and submitting work. I hope you all are enjoying your summer. This evening if I am feeling up to it I will take some snapshots of this book I am pleased with it so far..and be sure to share. Thanks for spending some time with me...I know it is a long winded blog but its been great having you here. Peace & Love
Taken Saturday on their way to the wedding...
Not sure who took this photo it was probably Sam in the car with her cell phone...but I truly love this is completely their personalities. Sam and Kori...I don't know what I would do without the two of you in my life. Nothing could touch or measure this love <3


  1. WOW!!
    What a terrific post... love the photos too! :]
    Such a beautiful story to share. I remember those talks, with my own children... sad but true. Those days are long gone for me, and my children are all grown up now. Love what you did! ((hugs))

    Looks like a wonderful 4th of July, YUMMY fresh fruit too!
    The photos of the fireworks, beautiful!
    I have not had a chance to dive into this book yet. Seems like you are enjoying it dearly.

    I agree, the photo of the girls, priceless. Love capturing laughter!
    You are amazing, even tho you are passing kidney stones, (OUCH) you were able to create such a wonderful post... THANK YOU FOR SHARING!

    Take care, wishing you pain-free days ahead!

  2. Thank you so much April..kidney stones are no joke I'd choose child birth a thousand times over them...but have to be able to function to some degree..duties call and can't afford missing work! Thanks for sticking around and reading this huge post I really hate making posts that are so long winded but time hasn't been kid to me hopefully that will change this past weekend was my last real committed photo shoot weekend until November and I'd like to spend some time here updating the layout of my blog and adding some new things..looking forward to some me time to do that. Thanks for always having kind words for me I adore you! <3 Not sure if the book will have the same effect on anyone else as it did me but there were just things I could either indirectly or directly relate to...things I've tried to put into words..and words simply failed my ability to convey the feeling or the thoughts....the reflections she does at the end of the chapters are very inspiring as well! Enjoy it find some you time and dive in!

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