Thursday, July 12, 2012

Road Tripping

Hello lovelies..
I hope this post finds you well. Things have finally calmed down in my far as scheduled obligations and work. Very excited about that and up for a much need break from all things...
Don and I are planning on taking a road trip this six years that we have been together we have not had the opportunity to ever really get away for even a weekend that was not for the sake of work or for a funeral, wedding or obligation work related or family related. I'm more than excited to report that we are planning a fun , not too far away road trip this weekend. I cannot express to you enough how much my soul needs this...I need some fresh air..I need some relaxing and some peace of mind..Been a very productive but stressful summer this far and this trip is hitting the spot in a major sweet way. The last "vacation" Don and I took was for the sake of a photo shoot out West. We went to California about 5 years ago or so and it was amazing got to travel the entire southern coast of California and did a great deal of site seeing however it was also work for me. So..we have in a matter of two days planned a trip! YAY! We will being doing this in a very cheap way..and we will without a doubt find some relaxation and calmness in our lives even if only for two days! we will be leaving first thing ni the morning, possibly even late tonight providing we can get everything we need together and packed by then not real sure yet but we will be traveling along the thumb of Michigan...leaving the city and heading North!

We will make stops in places like Lexington, Mi.  Below an ariel view of that area..
 (photo credit:

Then Port Sanilac, MI. 
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and make our way right to the tip of the thumb in Port Austin where we will camp over night...
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(photo credit:
Been wanting to do a camping trip for some time now and can't begin to tell you how excited I am about this. We will also make our way over to Sand Point, Mi. which I have been told is beautiful..

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 SWEET right?! :)~
 I will be taking video and we will have charged camera batteries..fruit veggies and bottles water, backpacks...our super kickass dragon kites...going to put my underwater Kodak Play Sport to the test and see if it really works 10 feet under water and remain waterproof lol We will then at some point Saturday make our way back down to Emmit, Mi. where we will stay the night with some close friends who just bought a beautiful home and property there.. have been inviting us out for a few weeks now but life has been so busy so we are really excited about that and eventually make out way back home Sunday morning to catch up on rest before the new work week.
Coming back we will be taking a different route through the thumb not along the shoreline and hit some other cities for photos hopefully if something catches our Axe, Sanilac Petrology..which I am hoping is open and if not still a cool place to drive through..Sandusky..Marlette, Imlay City,

 While some work is involved in pulling this off, it will be well worth it. I need this. In a bad way. I want to take photos for my own sake not for the sake of paying my bills or because I am doing a favor for someone. So...folks...catch you on the flip side of the weekend...I hope you have a great one and please wish us safe happy travels~! xo


  1. "HAPPY TRAVELS!" ~xx
    Wishing you a wonderful, happy, healthy, safe trip ahead... (I think I covered everything, right?!) LOL

  2. Thank you it was all of that and more!