Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Well our vacation weekend was a total success...though it just never last long enough. We traveled the entire shoreline around the thumb, took a million wonderful photos, camped at Port Crescent State Park (strongly recommended) Came back down through the thumb to some friends property which was fun and got home on Sunday. We honestly had a blast and I have so many photos to share unfortunately, Sunday night after we were exhausted from the weekend we decided to not cook and go out for a dinner to one of our favorite places in the town we live in.. do not want to name this place because we know their a good place however, I ordered lamb. Not a good idea I got food poisoning and thought I was going to die! Ended up in the ER for most of Sunday night and into the earlier hours of Monday morning, few hits of morphine for the severe stomach cramping, some medication to stop the violent vomiting and rest I'm back to good! This has changed my entire perception of meat in general and I do believe my friends that I am done with red meat of any kind. We have been heading in this direction for a few months now, not eating many red meats due to our "lifestyle change" and this just confirmed to me that meat is just no good for me. I do protein drinks and refuse to give up chicken and fish so we aren't going hardcore here but the pain and vomiting was so bad that I even today am still feeling fearful to eat a single bite of food.

I can't wait to share some images with you all and that will be coming at some point this week. The ride up to Port Austin was just beautiful many road side parks along Huron Lake that offered some rest time to just stretch and get out of the car...beautiful scenery and views. Gotta tell ya folks...I'm a city girl and love the city always have, but more and more I am growing to long for some wide open space, some quiet evenings and some peace of mind...I have a sincere new found appreciation for the state of Michigan...it really is such a beautiful state with all of its great lakes and seasons...

This trip was really very good for Don and I. We needed it so badly! The air was just so much lighter there...fluffy...hard to explain. We realized what armature campers we are however, we really did have everything we needed and improvised for unforeseen camping things that you don't think of if it is something you don't do often. We learned a great deal just from seeing others campsites..we sat one evening while I was writing in my journal and said oh look the brought rope to tie between two trees to hang suits, towels and washcloth's, oh look THEY put cool lights on their tent...we made a list of things for next time to think about...and there will be many many more next times. I think every couple should have their own "place" while Bay City comes to mind for Don and I, it is just where family lives and we had an "our place" restaurant in Bay City..a little hole in the wall with an Elvis clock on the wall, his legs swung back and forth...it is the place we use to go for breakfast when I would visit him up there and it was the first place we ever said  "I love you" however...it burned down a few years back and though a new place is there its not our place anymore. We have now found our place and that is Port Austin! We loved it so much that I would even venture to say that if I could find a job up there I would move with little hesitation there.

I do hope you all have had a great weekend and a good start to the new week. I have many things to catch up on this week so please be patient...its all coming but there are some pretty important pressings issues to get to first and then I will return relaxed and share!

Love + fresh air, summer skies & coconut fudge ice cream cones~!

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  1. Wonderful!! :]
    Sounds like you two had a terrific time.
    I agree, a " little place & space" for couples, is very important.
    Take care ((hugs))