Monday, August 06, 2012


As you all know we are approaching our deadline for mailing out our postcard art for the swap. We have currently 7 people who have joined but I cant help to think if we extend the deadline we may get a few more rolling in. I'm going to extend the mailing deadline until August 31st so that we can get a few more people to join!
Here is how it works! Changed just slightly to make it a bit easier for all involved!
Create your art! Make sure it falls between the 6inx8in guideline...any shape any medium. You can write paint draw sketch use photography anything goes. make sure on the postcard that your blog or website url or art name is on it. All works must be originals! No photo copies will be accepted! 
Post a comment here or on my Facebook page letting me know you are interesting in joining. One week before the deadline I will send everyone my mailing address. Place your art in an envelope and mail it to me I will then send all of them out to someone else in the swap and you too will receive something back from another wonderful artist in the swap AND...everyone joining will get a small artful thank you gift from yours truly! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns. The envelope rule is strictly so that no one feels their privacy or mailing address is distributed over the net, it is for your protection the final mailing will be without envelope!
So make sure antthing attached is held down well! :)
Happy creating and sure hope more of you will join our friends are welcome and we already have one from the UK! I love international mail!! :) Makes me happy...
Well friends it has been a very long trying day...I am reading for some relaxation with my supplies and a hot cup of coffee..I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening!
Pe@ce & Love


  1. sweet! okay, i'm in, too. did you post on the magically mixed media FB group? extending the deadline is super helpful. i've been an emotional mess and balancing all kinds of stuff but letting a lots fall by wayside. being gentle and forgiving with myself makes it only somewhat easier and comes with a learning curve ;)

  2. Thank you Val...extending the deadline became necessarily for everyone involved it worked out for the best of all involved! Glad you are aboard!