Sunday, August 12, 2012

Surgery...and stuff

Hi there good people of blogland...
I hope this finds you well. A bit under the weather myself...last Tuesday night landed myself in the hospital to find that I needed surgery to remove a very angry Gallbladder. Not the most fun experience of my life I can assure you of that hence there has been a bit of a hiatus here on my behalf from blogging. Just trying my best to heal. Was hospitalized from Tuesday evening until Friday afternoon. Have five small but very sore and painful wounds..and have learned in the past 24 hours that hospital beds are much easier to get up and down in and out of than beds and seating places in the home! Have been struggling a bit with sleep...I sleep typically on my side and stomach and that is not in the realm of possibilities after surgery for me so sleeping flat on my back has been a real challenge for me...and getting up from that position with five wounds that look like this dont help either.
I had the one on the left done the multi-incision laparoscopy one...

My parents, Don and my brother got to see images the surgeon took of my actual Gallbladder that he removed to show them how red inflamed and angry it was...and it was so full of stones that when he removed it some of them released into my body and had to be removed. I was a bit upset to be told that my 50lb weight loss may have triggered this but I was assured I am doing it the right way and that is is sort of par for the course. My body is reacting to me getting rid of all sorts of toxins and years of abuse with bad foods. Not going to lie it felt a bit like a punishment for doing the right thing. A few weeks back you may recall I posted a blog that I had been in the ER with a case of food poisoning. Well it turns out it was not food poisoning at all that was a guess from the medical professionals that did not do an ultrasound on my stomach they only guessed at my symptoms. It was one of many Gallbladder attacks I had been having over a period of about 6 months. Pain unexplainable...sweating fits of crying and stomach cramping out of this world. Very honestly I think my subconscious thought I was dieing of something horrific...thank goodness it was only this and not something worse. I had a scope procedure done on Wednesday afternoon where they knocked me out...was a surgical procedure where they stuck a scope down my throat all the way to my lower intestines....everything came back wonderful and clean which is a huge relief aside from this angry Gallbladder..hence surgery proceeded late Thursday evening. 
Sorry for the lack of communication throughout the week but its kind of hard from a hospital bed. Didn't think in that sort of pain last Tuesday night at nearly midnight to grab my laptop you know? LOL

Want to take a moment and thank the following people. They really had my back and came through for me in this...Might seem like a lot for a small operation...but it meant a lot to me.

Mom...thank you for being there...for helping in any way we would let you and you could.
Joe thank you for the same and ps...I really had the money to get my own prescriptions you did not have to do that but it was very kind and thank you so much!!
Don...for sleeping in a hospital chair with no shower or change of clothes for nearly four days because you wanted to be there for me and at my side through this. You were for sure my rock and sorry if you smelling like food or coffee made me threaten your life on more than one occasion..I'm sorry and I love you thank you for you.
My sister and Chris...the first ones to that hospital at the speed of light when they knew i was there. I love you sissy! Thank you for my rubber stamps and goodies from the Novi convention I missed today too! YOU ROCK..
Sammy and Gar for helping with our dog Buster...i was worried sick about him being locked up while I was in the hospital and they came here and let him out and visited with him to keep him happy and comfortable...and for taking me to the store once I got out for the things I needed you guys rule and I love you so much!
Kori and Zachary for coming to visit me the minute you guys got back into town...I loved seeing you guys and what a sight for sore eyes!!
The neighbors Missy and Justin for helping as well with guys are great!
Nurses like Bessie and Mia...who have compassion and are not cold heartless bitches. Sorry but there are some nurses and people in the medical field that really shouldn't be there. Bessie and Mia...there will be a card in the mail for the two of you and a letter to the hospital about your excellence and professionalism. Your kindness, empathy and caring are so greatly appreciated. I'd like to send something to say so! 
My brother Bill for coming so far to see me two days in a row and sitting there the entire time i was in make everything better with your presence in my life and i love you so much more than you could ever understand!!
As you can see I'm a very lucky girl to have the people in my life that i friends all called...Ember, Jennifer, Jenn, all of you....I'm thankful for co workers that cared enough to call or come see Facebook friends who sent messages you all are the best and im thankful for you all!! 
Ok..back to healing I just wanted you all to know I recognized...I am able to return to work on Friday the 17th.  Trying to find some art to play with or sewing to do that dont require too much from me. Sitting in one place for too long makes me stiff and too much moving hurts as well ...playing a balancing act for the time being. Will keep you all posted. 
Send healing thoughts..they bare more power than you can imagine! :)


  1. Not sure why I have one extra than shown there..but I do?

  2. OH DEAR!!!
    This is a lot to take in, my dear friend.
    Stay positive, be strong...
    Sending you my love, healing prayers, and positive thoughts, indeed! ~xx

    Yes, you are blessed, many love you dearly, treasure them so. :]
    Perhaps you can bring the art to you, this will keep you happy!
    * create a coach art-box.

    Take care, dear friend... will keep you in my prayers. ~xx