Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bits of my day

One new business card size design..few more in the works..
Church we pass all the time and love this cross...stands very high and the sun hits it beautifully..

Fruit market for fresh goodness! YUM...sweet corn..good stuff!

Find dill to be pretty...whatever lol


Meet my puppin dog is fitting believe me lol

Looking out the window at the kids
Cutie pie...wanting a milk bone sitting like a good boy <3 br="br">
 Not so much an artistically productive day just took it easy think I may have over-done it with the nature trials yesterday...well day before now its late...and I'm sleepy..perhaps tomorrow will be far more productive! Sam's coming to visit YAY!! <3 br="br" night="night" palz...="palz...">


  1. I think the dill is pretty, too! :)

  2. Beautiful photos, Debbie!
    Lovely inspiration...
    Take good care of yourself, listen to your body ~xx