Friday, August 03, 2012

Hand-made Accordion Book

Accordion book came out okay..its cute..I think with some practice it would get better but had no real pattern just an image of one..its for the mini Polaroids that I have taken..about 20 of them..was fun now I'm working on mail art...sippin some peach fuzzy navel...snacking on celery with peanut butter...and messy paint hands :) Livin the dream..livin the dream...

Will post more photos when the pages are done..but going to switch now to some of the mail art I'm working on :) I like to keep 2-3 projects going at once so while I wait for paint to dry on one I can make progress with another.
Hope you are all having a good Friday night.


  1. Aww... this is adorable! :]
    Absolutely love this, very creative... do I see some cardboard peeking out behind the front & back cover of your accordion book?? I like it!
    Oh, and peanut butter / celery snacks, ROCK!!
    One of my favorites. ~xx

  2. Yes both covers are made with cardboard..paper is glued to front and back cover. I did not come up with this concept on my own I found an image of one someone else did online of black and white photography...thought the idea was cool but made mine slightly different so that I could decorate the pages myself. Thanks for the kind are such a sweet friend April! :)