Friday, August 03, 2012


Hello lovely blog readers..:)
Hope this hot super hot in Michigan Friday finds you doing well and enjoying the day even if you had to work. I am off today thank goodness got some early errands ran...picked up a few movies from the red box..and a few small art supplies. almost got crushed to death by an entire wall of books falling in toward me in Joann Fabrics today but luckily and much to my surprise a girl that works at the college I work for was shopping on her lunch break and was standing right next to me when it happened..I was able to catch the falling wall of books and hold it best I could until she got was CRAZY...thank you Jessica for saving my life though....I could see me getting killed by wouldn't be unbelievable for the people in my life lol I have a serious book fetish <3 p="p">And so...I'm alive and that is a good thing :)
Wanted to share a couple of small things with you all...while shopping in Joann's, this particular location just remodeled the store...hence the book wall fell someone didn't do their job properly I'm guessing...and they now have supplies for teachers. Not an area most mixed media artist or otherwise artist would normally browse through but I'm telling you it! I found a few great things.
One thing was this very inexpensive package of blank journals!

There are 4 in a pack...24 pages each...perfect for fast completing journals or day books / vacation journals..I'm stoked..will share with you guys as I design them...very excited about these and hoping when I open the package up that the pages in the books are of decent quality.
 Here are the goodies I got there while shopping..
These little tools you see where also found in the teacher section..
they're actually meant for being clay tools however...being innovative as we mixed media artist are...these will be wonderful tools for creating textures in paint..applying different mediums such as gesso for texture and their cheap so if you ruin them its no biggie! :)

Was seriously STOKED to find this little candy skull for 1.00
Still giggling over this...I have always loved candy skulls also known as sugar skulls..

And the image below I found searching through some website for Randel Plowman's collage work..
I typically try very hard to give credit for other peoples work and will do so if I can find the image again but please know this last image is not my work and I found it in a link provided by Randel Plowman's  website. I thought this booklet was a fantastic idea for the mini Polaroids I've been taking with the mini Fuji-film Polaroid camera my sister borrowed to me..that I'm seriously in love with and wanting a Polaroid camera even more so now because of...( Thank you sissy I love you! <3 br="br">
 Going to make it slightly bigger to add some decor to the pages and words...but thought it was a really cool idea worthy of sharing for even just miniature journal ideas!
 And so...that has been the sum of my my morning. Just got the art table set up and the rest of the day and night are mine for relaxing and creating! Will be sure to share with you all!
Happy Friday folks! Make something you are proud of..:)

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