Friday, August 31, 2012

Interview with Brandon Boyd!!

Rare occasion that I ever post anything that is not my own art ...sometimes giving one of my friends props for their work or helping promote their e-workshops and such.. but this is a note worthy thing..
Brandon Boyd, whom if you do not know is the lead singer of a great band I've long liked, Incubus..
 He is also a fantastic artist...he has a couple of books out and he is a moleskin journal fan!
Bluecanvas magazine did an interview with him and the new issue has the interview some really cool images of his work and I find him pretty darn intelligent and real...check out the interview and a few works of his art! 

Check it his work love his music...if you are wondering whether or not you know who they are you might recognize these songs: 


Great band...great artist.


  1. So glad you like this interview! It turned out really well. I'm Brandon's art rep - do you have a copy of the issue? I'm happy to send you one and appreciate the post. My google alerts let me know!


    1. No I do not have a copy but that would be wonderful and you are MORE than welcome for this post...I love Incubus and own all of his books...Brandon Boyd is one fantastic individual...nothing like being incredibly artistically gifted and intelligent at the same time!!! Thank you so very much! How might I send you my address?

  2. Thank you for sharing... would have never known! :]
    Love being inspired by other talented people.
    Terrific artwork, WOW!!

  3. Ya April...this guys can find all sorts of his work online and videos of their music!