Saturday, September 01, 2012

Detroit of all places? YOU BET!

Hey promised I want to share some images I took yesterday in the city with you all just a few..was super hard to find a parking spot down there with a Tiger's game going on...I gotta tell you..if you are not from may never understand this but born and raised there the city holds such a special place in my heart. The history, the architecture, the culture...its amazing really and it is unfortunate that Detroit has such a bad rap around the world...its not all like that and every state has a city that has good and bad..the most unfortunate thing is that no one wants to put money into the city and the city apparently has no money to put into it...the old train station..the churches..the architecture...Don and I love going downtown and walking with our cameras in hand..stopping at some of our favorite locations...Eastern Market...Greek Town...I don't care what anyone ever says about Detroit...I'll always love it...and HEY...haven't you heard? " Detroit audiences are the greatest rock n roll audiences in the WORLD" :)
Just a few..

And if you are ever down there be SURE to stop into Moo-town Creamery..located in the Eastern Market district..owned and ran by two of the coolest sisters on the planet and right next door to some of the best pizza in the city..
Two of the coolest sisters guys rock!
Mocha Coffee ice cream...SINFUL
Don had their chocolate cake...he said it was amazing...
Hell yes

 More to come from today's adventure to Milford, MI.
Michigan really does have some of the coolest cities and towns!

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