Monday, August 13, 2012

Things Made..Things In The Works

Just been making some art..sewing..
going a bit stir out for some Chinese tonight just to get some fresh air sitting in this house is killing me...
What a cool fortune tonight in my cookie!
:) Always nice to see that in a fortune cookie huh?

hand-made burp clothes...came out cute!
reversible changing pad! Cute!

stuffed pattern just winged it...came out cute gave it to my mom :)

Started tonight...cardboard 15x115

in the works...


Layers drying...really liking this so far..



  1. Oh my goodness... Debbie, you are so inspiring!! :]
    Such "artsy" goodness here, WOW!!
    I have to admit, as I was reading your post...
    First, I was getting excited about you being able to get out to have dinner, good for you. ~xx
    Then I see the what you have been sewing... adorable!!
    I Love The Bunny!!! <3
    As I scroll down reading further, I see your canvas!!
    WONDERFUL START ((sigh))
    I am so glad to know you are on the mend, take care, remember to pace yourself, my friend.

  2. Thanks April I have been pacing myself...its so hard for me to just sit here and be out of work...I am really feeling like I'm letting work down and I know their understanding to this surgery and all but it just feels so strange...I often say i miss the days of staying home but honestly I dont I feel like my routine is off and its nice to work on art cause it doesn't require strength or much physical activity but I'm really getting cabin fever...Thank you for all of your kind words ...going to post the finished "canvas" as you called really just a 15x15 nice slice of thick durable cardboard! Poor mans canvas..been loving it honestly!!