Monday, August 13, 2012

Sewing and some other art today...missing my camera!

I have a real hard time calling myself one type of artist. When people ask what is your medium I cringe..because it is limitless...and while I am really enjoying sewing and have made three adorable baby things thus far and working on a stuffed vintage bunny which I will share soon...I miss my are a few snaps I took the week I got so sick that I never got posted.

I really dislike being out of work regardless of how demanding and time consuming it is with my artistic pursuits...I also really hate not being able to be more productive with my art due to this surgery..Feeling a bit down on this Monday morning..I do not adapt to change well...that is not entirely true...I adapt well..with time. But like today..I am use to a now it is 11:36am...I would have already been up showered, business attire ironed, protein shake drank first cup of coffee gone, lunch packed and to work helping others reach their educational goals...and I feel stuck with this stupid surgery. I know patience is needed and that I need to heal but I actually really do miss my routine when it is this far out of sinc...the best I can do is rest well these next few days and just keep myself as occupied with my art, sewing and blog as possible. I know it sounds insane to say I miss work...but I do. I miss my co workers and I miss the feeling of accomplishing something. Being gone from there makes me feel like I'm letting others down and I know that isnt true...just one of those somber mornings I guess...
These above photos I took a week or so before I got ill...All three are just weeds really...but to me they are beautiful and a reminder that even the small things matter...and that I am a creative being and that is why I am able to find true beauty in even ..just weeds.
Missing my camera today..

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