Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What A Beautiful Day!

Hello palz...
Worked for the most part of today...we don't even have a window in our department that opens and it was making me a little nutty simple because today was such a really wonderful weather day here in Michigan! The sky was so incredibly blue... The sun was warm and the wind was soothing. I took my break at work and sat in my car, watching and listening to the grass and leafs on the trees move with the wind and it was so comforting and relaxing. I would have given anything to remain there for an hour or so and just absorb that relaxation and stillness of mind. We don’t have enough of that in our days…stillness of mind. It is rather meditative. I believe these sorts of days are the reasons that Spring and Autumn are my favorite seasons. I love Spring for the feeling of new beginnings it bestows. New life coming into bloom, cool nights, warm mornings and longer hours in a day are a few of my Spring time favorite things. Autumn cools things off. Everything is still alive and makes you aware of its presence with its beauty.  Days like this I want nothing more than to hop in my car and take off to someplace where I’m inspired in nature to take photographs. Drive through open county sides and find tunneled dirt roads to drive through and explore on.
 I got off work at 4pm today and came home to change and and say let's walk in the park. That turned out to  be an epic fail..little did I know the bugs were so horribly bad out. I have about ten bug bites just on my face alone. We did however, on a more positive note get our hearts pumping a bit and our bodies moving and that's a good thing! There was no way I could pass up a bit of outdoors today with getting off at such a reasonable time...I had to get out there and enjoy it for just a bit.
Unedited...nothing but blue skies!
The bridge to the nature trails at Dodge Park
Wild flowers to go with wild bugs lol
First real signs of Fall for me...beautiful colors...
Outside my front door

 So...despite all the bug bites we got on our walk the day was beautiful and I am rflecting tonight on those things I'm so thankful for in an ordinary day...sometimes those are the best kind of days..
just ordinary..
Today's Gratitude List
As always Family
My children
My job
Alarm clock working lol
Working early to get off earlier today
Coffee beans..another usual
Blue skies
Cool air
Fall colors taking over
The sounds of nature
Mother nature though she can be wicked..more cool than not
 Jeans :)
rock t-shirts
windows with cool air coming through them...
 inspiring and supportive friends
courage to reach for my dreams
Love + Neuro Bliss...happiness in every bottle!

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