Monday, August 27, 2012

Doodle in Photoshop

Hi there friends..thank you for stopping by my little creative space in cyber world. It is certainly nice to have you here..I wanted to come by and share some thoughts...about Photoshop and Illustrator. My first endeavors with art were drawing. Like many, I started tracing images in coloring books and then attempted to draw them myself...then in high school I found charcoal and graphite sticks and went crazy with the messes! Throughout my degree in Graphic Design..I found that I enjoyed Photoshop much more than Illustrator..while I regret now not giving it a chance and embracing it moreso I have found that I can do many thing sin Photoshop that most people think is amazing how you can improvise and adapt when there is something you are striving to achieve! A poor artist will find anything to paint on and supplies..its a fact! are a few things I've done in Photoshop in the past few days...some are very simple vector graphics /characters..that I made solely with shapes. Here are a few examples..

This was the first attempt above. I envisioned this little cutie as being one of those snobby, spoiled dogs that woman carry in their purse...yappers who have nothing better to do but bark only...she kinda looks like a bear...she was just a doodle with no real intention of ever sharing her but shes kinda cute I think...

 This was my second attempt and my favorite so far f them all...I really love this one and think shes super cute! Made again with just basic shapes and brushes...

The mouse didn't come out as great as I would have liked but he is sort of cute too..


Simple but cute? Can you tell I'm excited for Fall to get here?!

While I was making this one Don said " Ohhh what a pretty bird" hence I named her pritti bird :)
I love this one as well!

Have a few more in the works..a cloud with rainbow, a raccoon and a fox but their not complete. Have no real intentions of something to do with these vector characters but after I did a few I thought these would make really cute iron on transfers for toddler t-shirts..? Who knows my intentions are only to get better at drawing and painting in the computer because the possibilities are endless if one can master that!
I drew this next one with the pencil tool in Photoshop..did a couple of these types of character girls a week or so ago and was not sure how much I liked them but I really have come to adore them...I can see myself getting better at this type of drawing and painting in Photoshop..I plan to continue to advance my skills on this area I really enjoy it. It's relaxing. 
Any feedback would be wonderful...helpful criticism is wonderful just be nice..I'm sensitive
Thank you again for coming by and hope to be back soon with lots of new things!
Love + Pe@ce + popcorn & coffee :)


  1. Oh my, love seeing your work at hand...
    I'd have to say, I really like this last one you did!!
    Freehand always my favorite, even tho you are using the pencil tool, I still like graphics created this way. Original. :]
    She is sweet ~xx

  2. Thanks April! I'd like to really get much better at takes a bit to get use to that pen tool..tends to come out kinda like scribble but I like that too so even if I get better at it I will still aim for that scratching it out kinda feel..