Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gratitude List for the day and lil bits of my world...

So thankful every day for everything but think its good to reflect in a day on the things in particular that make the day a great one...

the shower...nothing like a hot shower in the morning!
Good coffee!
Phone calls from people you love and who are calling...
to say they love you :)
Having Kori with me all day and night
My sister, Mark, Chris, Kori, Don and myself 
all meeting at the bookstore to visit, read, browse and have a Starbucks skinny mocha latte!
The Post Office
Books...they truly...deeply make me happy...
Long mom daughter talks and laughter with Kori
Kori loving my bed and napping peacefully on it right now :)
my dog Buster...and how much he loves everyone!
Sunny skies and cool air
art supplies for self exploring and self expression
Don being happy cause his football team won the game!
(not having to watch the football game lol)
I'm thankful that Sammy is having a fun day today...she really deserves one!
All of my art friends..
all of my family..
happy mail
my job
my co workers
a calm relaxing night off!!!
oh...and wine...cant forget wine!

My reads today..
message on the back of the book that makes me smile :)
My Kori <3 br="br" napping="napping" peaceful...="peaceful...">


  1. Aww... what a wonderful "GRATITUDE" list, love this reflection.
    With life is a little crazy...
    how easily we can forget the little things, thank you for a gentle reminder. ~xx

    As I was looking over your new found reads, I thought...
    a glass of wine, a Fall sunset on the porch, & these on my lap would be delightful. Enjoy, my friend! :]