Monday, September 17, 2012


With how busy things have been for me this weekend flew by like the speed of light. I feel I hardly got to see it at all. Getting ready for a long work day..I hope you all have a wonderful Monday. 
Been playing the past day or so with a book called Digital Expressions by Susan Turtle..some of it I knew some of it has been very her book great illustrations.  Here is the book and then following is a funny work of art I made while just goofing around learning a few different things in the book. Hope you enjoy..slightly odd....or peculiar if you will :) 

Finding it Difficult To Love Thy Neighbor

Huge big big announcement later this evening or tomorrow please check back!
A new swap? You bet! Hope you all join me...


  1. I love this piece, Debbie.
    It is very "expressive"...
    The bright colors & patterns to follow, "inspiring" I'd have to say... an artful delight!! ~xx

    Can not wait to read about your up coming swap. :]

    1. Thank you..was a bit ashamed to admit that it was a joke regarding my neighbor who is not the most pleasant person on the planet..but is what it is right? It did not start that way it just ended up being fitting and so I ran with it. Thank you for the kind words dear! Thanks for stopping by and always having something positive to say!! xo <3

  2. Love your digital artwork!!! My hat is off to you doing digital artwork. I once had Photoshop 3 that my sister wasn't using and I got lost in it real quick. The medium isn't for me, but it does make me appreciate all the hard work and skill it takes to make a picture!!!

    Can't wait to hear about your coming swap!!!

    1. Thanks Karenann...that is very kind of you to say. I would love to get far better with digital art. I am a HUGE fan of Maggie Taylor if you know who she is...if you do not please go check her out shes so fantastic that Adobe (the company that makes Photoshop)actually has published her books...she is simply amazing and I'd like to be her when I row up lol Or shall I work would be similar in nature..The new swap is up and running...sure hope that you and April are able to join I sure would love to have you guys..we have WAY many more people in this one so it should be a blast! Let me know...check out the home link for more on it!