Saturday, September 08, 2012

Mail Art Swap Update

Seems like as summer winds down, Fall is picking rest for the wicked correct? I wanted to post a little update and did so as well on Facebook about the mail art swap and let everyone know that due to some unforeseen events in some of the participants lives..which happen...a few of the participants needed a few extra days to get theirs mailed to me so please be patient and just know that you have not been forgotten about...the ones I have received thus far are AMAZING!! Getting so incredibly excited about getting yours to you...been putting the heat on those who needed extra time so you early senders do not have to wait much longer...

I really love the idea of swapping and would like to master this swap gig...this is the first one I have actually done so hopefully you are all taking that into consideration...I am going to take some photos of everyone art and post so that you guys can see what everyone did as soon as the last couple come via snail mail...

If any of you have a swap please let me know I work and tend to miss things until the deadline is up! So giving me a head's up will certainly be helpful and I love joining them!

And so...the day is beautiful here in Michigan...its sunny but cool and breezy...I'd like to take some photos and want to work on art...make a good healthy dinner for Don and I tonight and kind of been in the mood for curling up to a good movie...while I'm being indecisive and trying to figure it out the day is getting away from me...hate when that happens...whatever I do I will surely share it with you all and hope you all have a great Saturday!Make things!! :)

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  1. All sounds terrific, Debbie! :)
    Can not wait to see everyone's postcards, photos from the first glimpse of Fall, and curling up with a good book... Always a favorite of mine. ~xx
    Glad to read, you are enjoying hosting and participating in "swaps".
    Once I've launch the artist community group, there will be plenty of room to play!!
    Swaps are a must :)
    Take care my friend, enjoy your weekend <3