Friday, September 07, 2012


Hi there bloggin friends..and bloggin readers...
Nice to have you here! Hope this finds you all doing well. Been a very busy week of work for me around these parts..regular day job prepping for Fall quarter at a college is no joke..lots to do lots to do...also was prepping for four courses I am teaching this quarter two of which started this morning...alarm clock didnt go off after setting it and checking it three times to make sure it would woke up 1.5 hours late...still got here early even...those kind of things cant hold me down despite best efforts :) Was not a happy camper but it happens right? Seemingly around here more and more often...whoda thunk it?
And so...worked on a couple of works of art through the week...going to share them and elaborate a bit on will find they are very different in nature lol One is light and happy...the other is...well not so much so.
We artist self express...and I'm here to tell in case no one else feels its appropriate in the artful world of sunshine and rainbows that...frankly life isn't always sunshine and rainbows. The first work of art I did is done digitally...sometimes when I am limited in time at the end of a long work day I do enjoy my digital art because it is for me instant gratification. Ok so many not real instant...I worked on this next one for about 2 hours total but that is because I kept changing a few small details...adding something...taking it away...changing its color...making it lighter or darker...until I got it where I want it. When people see this one I imagine what they must think it means where was my head at that given moment...what am I self expressing. Well for this was the feeling on not having a voice or shall I say...choosing to bite my tongue when its just better for me and my sanity to do so...letting other people make their beds because most times they have to learn on their own. And do it is...and so it is...
I am extremely happy with it and love it more each time I look at it. 
Sometimes you just have to the bigger person..let others actions and behaviors speak for times if I am upset or angry...I retreat. I get very quiet and in my head if you will...I think this represents a tiny bit of that side of me as well.

The next is one of three journal cards I've been working on to  get done before the 10th to mail one to April Cole for her oh so cool art journal card art swap!! Adore her fantastic eye for cool things and adore her as a friend..if you have not yet please check her out you can find her li k along the left hand side of my home page here...little icon that says April Cole's Studio!
I really love this one too honestly..I love the message..I love that the girl in this was actually done as an what the girl in this is covering and only revealing parts of...very happy with it to the point of fighting with myself for days on whether or not to trade it in a swap..I'm getting a bit better about the idea of letting it go...Maybe take a few more high resolution images of it so if I ever want a print I have the ability to do so. 
 I hope your weekend is full of art and color...and coffee or good wine or tea...I hope others treat you with kindness and you give that right back to them...cause let's face it no one really likes an asshole right? Happy weekend creating...I truly feel like summer is over officially...not sure if I am happy or a bit depressed?


  1. I'm totally in love with your journal card!!! It is awesome! I would suggest if you can, make laser copies of it. Regular printer ink will fade the colors. I'd LOVE to have a copy of it if you do. I'll gladly pay you for it. Maybe your school lets you use their laser copy machine if they have one. I agree with you totally about
    that life isn't all sunshine and rainbows. I wish I had the courage to do that in my art and show people. I don't know why I don't. Ages ago I made some ATC's that showed how I really feel, but I never showed anyone. I'm not sure why. Thanks again for sharing! And I also love your digital work. I can't do that. It's too complicated for me and it is easier for me to get dirty with paste and scissors!

  2. Hi Karenann...
    I will certainly see about getting some prints of the cards made via laser printer...we dont have one at the school that I know of unless it is in our technology center which I rarely get to..I will certainly check on that however..Thank you so much for the suggestions.
    Let me tell you something...share how you really feel. I think people sometimes get too caught up in feeling like the world has expectations of them to be one thing or one way and that is not real. Artists for all the time the world has been have used art to convey their feelings. That is the very essence of self expression..I would love to see the work you keep tucked away...that is the work I end up most loving and very honestly..its my work that I end up liking most as well. The real stuff that not everyone will click like on because its too dark for what their willing to admit they ever feel in their lives... ATC's for me opened a door that had been closed for me for some time. During my bachelor degree in Graphic Design, I was told my feelings, personal style, emotions or taste did not matter. And that was very true what matters in graphic design is that your clients are happy and you give them what they want. I lost the ability to open up in my art because that was kind of shoved own my throat. REAL life is a like the wheel of fortune it never stops turning what goes up comes down what goes down has no where to go but up. It is only logical then, that real life has its ups and downs and need a good cry. sometimes you need to express those things that haunt the soul..reveal our inner demons our flaws and our past hurts...If others don't accept you..they don't deserve you. Most people will love you for being true to yourself! I love you work and can only imagine the stuff you keep tucked away is probably amazing!

    Now you have me totally curious! ;)
    Thanks for the kind words..You are April truly rock you guys make me feel like I'm not on this blog in cyber space all alone and thank you for that :)

  3. please please take some good pictures of that girl because i'd love a print, too. i love it, it's my favorite thing of yours so far! <3

    1. xo I am. And they came out GREAT!!! I've never charged for my art work..would would you guys suggest I charge for this one. It is 8x5. I would imagine since their prints and not originals somewhere between 10-15? Help me out ladies...not use to charging for my work but love the encouragement to make some prints! Never know..for your love and support you just might end up with one for FREE :)

  4. I will dig out my ATC's and scan them to show the world!!! I am taking your words to heart, seriously. I've always been a people pleaser and that has never worked out anyways, so why do I still do it? Probably just habit. I'm going to print out your wonderful words and put them on my art desk to remind me. Thank you so much!!!

  5. I have no idea on what to charge for the prints. Some of it depends on the cost of the laser print, the envelope, some sort of cardboard to keep the envy from bending and of course the postage. And if you do this, make sure that the laser print is covered with wax paper or tissue paper. Laser prints melt in the heat. Maybe wait a bit until the cooler weather comes. By that time you could have several different images to choose from?

  6. Will be sharing my "emotional" ATC's on Facebook only when I get a chance. There are some people that I don't want to see them!

    1. SO excited to see them! I will post some of mine too that I was never able to part with because they were so incredibly personal or meant a lot to me for sentimental value!