Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More on the new ATC swap!

OK wonderful friends o' mine..
This is where I turn to you for a resolution! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
I have just began swapping internationally. While I understand ignorance of the law does not eliminate your responsibility to uphold it.. lol 
Forgive my ignorance..I absolutely love swapping with international friends, but with all of the swaps I join, art packages I send to people and swapping I do..it can get rather costly so..I posted this below in my inital post about the ATC swap:
"International swappers are very welcome, just note that international postage can get costly so all members are expected to include postage stamps for what the cost of mailing three cards will be. If your cards are flat and standard without much weight added by fabric/ embellishments and things that weigh them down in the US this should only require 2-3 stamps. To be on the safe side have your envelopes weighted at the post office prior to sealing and be sure to include enough stamps for the ones you will get in return! I would love to pay for all of the postage but with all of the swaps and mail art I create, the post office is putting me in the poor house!"
Silly me...adding a couple of stamps to envelopes will work for USA participants but it will not work for international participants because of the difference in currency. Shy if creating a paypal account does anyone have a clever idea for how international swappers can help with their postage? As of right now there are 3..one from the UK, one from England and one from New Zealand..this excites me more than you know..I'd love to suit with all three of you and have tea and just...enjoy your accents and learn from you..:)  I may just op to take care of the postage myself if we can't think of a better way because I'd like these folks to remain in the swap ..just wondering how any of you who have swapped internationally before handled postage? Looking forward to hearing from you!
For any of you who have never made an ATC or may be new to swapping I am including a few links and will share some great finds over the next five weeks leading up to our swap deadline! Spread the word that we are having one I'd love to get many to join this time around! The more the better!

This is a great start~

That one is great too!

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  1. Hello Debbie
    Yes, it can get costly... international is more.
    I personally have found the best way is to figure mailing costs are: create the art, have it weighed, then you know postage. Now, here is something I have found helpful... you could ask your participates to state 1. where they are from. 2. where they wish to mail there artwork out to. (some want to receive art from New Zealand, and do not mind the extra postage) So, with this being said... you could match up the swappers, makes sense?? let me know if there is anything I could do to help. Love ya' gal. ~xx