Friday, September 21, 2012

Update! ATC swap and Friday goodness!

Hello friends..
Hope this finds you doing wonderful on this glorious Friday.
Can't tell you all how happy I am that it is finally here. Very stressful week at work. Much preparation for the Fall quarter that begins on Monday, my departments first annual Open House and as well courses that I am teaching. Sorry it took me a couple of days to get back here to post anything. Getting some house work done today..then a few errands, soem birthday cake and ice cream later with my 2 daughters. My youngest Kori turned 18 on the 19th and my oldest Sam turned 23 yesterday on the 20th. Hard to believe their at these ages...seems like just weeks ago they were these girls...
And now they are these girls..
Where does the time go? I honestly couldn't be more lucky of a mom than I am...
My girls are and have been..exceptional students..they have hearts of gold..they have never been arrested, hooked on drugs or even caught with or doing them...they care about the world at large and the people around them...they are loyal, funny, kind, and I just really am so proud of the adults their becoming and reflecting today in how lucky all through the years I have been. This is not to say that they never fight as would be a lie lol That is not to say that they have never talked back, been grounded or that I never had to get on them about things...but for the VERY most part...
they have been the most wonderful kids I've ever known. :) And so...the evening will be spent with them, their boyfriends, their dad, myself and Don...having cake and ice cream...nice! :)
Many people find it strange that Don & I hang out and have a good relationship with my ex Martin (my girls father) it is glorious. Sometimes a bit funny even we hang out have coffee together, Don & Martin get along wonderful as friends and have much in fact ther are times I have to say while their socializing hey I'm ready to go...or can you tell him you will call him back later so we can finish watching this movie? LOL It works out really well we all are in it for the same reason and it works out great for the girls too. They dont have to feel awkward or strange to give their dad or step dad a hug and say I love you...I think the pressure we put on our kids sometimes is too much to bare for them when our bitterness and animosity makes them feel awkward in non-traditional families...or kids who come from divorces and such. Just my opinion...
Few weeks ago Kori and I were at her dad's house making cupcakes for her boyfriend who is now up at Michigan State, while Don and Martin were in Matins room watching a football game...its a fresh breath of air..and its the way it should be. Everyone working together for the best possible outcome...not teaching kids hate and resentment and I'm really thankful for the way this all has worked out...I think many others could learn from the model behavior we three have had. 

And so...ATC swappers!! Here is a list of the wonderful artist who have joined the swap thus far! So extremely excited and would like to ask everyone to spread the word..the more the a link to this blog the one in particular asking people to sign up...if possible or just direct them to my Facebook page that is fine too...if you are joined and have not yet sent me a valid email please make sure to do so you can send it to or just inbox it to me on Facebook I've been telling people not to post it here on my blog for your own protection in privacy...if you feel uncomfortable putting you email address out there for the entire world to see I understand that and you can just email it or inbox me! have started working on my ATC's for the swap and as with the last swap I did ...every participant will get one extra artful goody made by the hands of yours truly for joining the swap...
I have asked in the initial post for everyone to include a few stamps in their envelopes for postage and have gotten some feedback with this being only the second swap I have done including international friends...I was not real sure how that would work but Don and I have talked about this and we are footing the postage for the international swappers! It is a gift to you of sorts for joining and I will not take no for an answer...I'm just happy to have you all without further are the lovely friends we have in the swap thus far! Hopefully you recognize some friends in this list!:) It is always nice to see a name you recognize!
JM Monroe (Julie)
Joanne Lister
Sue Cottle
Debbie Bankston
Lisette Baker
Elizabeth (So sorry I do not know your last name...please send that with email kk? TY :)
Andrea Fields
Kelly Verstraete
and I have three or four others who are getting to me this weekend about joining...surely to be a great swap! Someone mentioned maybe just setting you guys up and having you all swap with one person but my experience with past swaps I have joined is that it is nice to get back ATC's from several different people so their not all done by one artist ...that may be an option for future swaps but this time I think we will stick with a good mixture of styles and artists!
If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please feel free to contact me I would love to help any of you our and will posting more this weekend about some techniques and links for doing some research if by chance you are new at this! I'm very excited to have you all here and in this swap...thank you so much!
More to come later lovely friends...
Be kind to everyone and have a fantastic Friday!

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