Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Autumnal Equinox..& What Comes Next

Well folks it is after 1am and here I sit, hoping that some medication kicks in soon so I can have some sort of sleep tonight..I'm exhausted from being sick. My chest and back and ribs hurt so badly from blowing my nose non-stop and coughing. My cough and breathing are at times unbearable. My chest sounds like pop rocks. So..since I cannot sleep I thought I would play in Photoshop for a few moments and that led me to some interesting reading. 
I have just come to realize that there are other artist who create images with color schemes attached and plan to do some research to make sure I am not designing something that was someone Else's original idea...I am not sure how that could be its been done since color has BEEN COLOR but always good to make sure you are not stepping on toes. Will get back with more on this...its rather bothersome....
I read a bit ago that if the leaf's stay in the trees well into October..withered but not fallen..
( it is the 23rd) it is a good indication that it will be a very cold and frosty Winter. THIS...
makes me very unhappy. I have never been a fan of Winter and this Bronchitis that I have, along with the cold air, dampness and darker days...tends to leave me with bouts of seasonal depression. I do love the Fall, I love the festivities, I am always ready when it gets here to cool down from a hot summer but I do not like winter months. They last too long, everyone gets sicker in the Fall and Winter than Spring and Summer and too, as I get older my joints and bones ache from the cold. 
I do love the first few snow falls and I do love the way that snow blankets trees. It is magical and beautiful to me. I'm trying to embrace the thought of taking my camera out into the snowfalls and capturing what I see to share with the world as a means of not letting this weather and change of seasons get me too down but being this sick makes it really difficult. 

While we are heading in this direction...let me touch base on my thoughts and feelings about Christmas. I find that many people say they feel the same way but their actions tend to not reflect this and very honestly, I have been guilty of it myself but oh no, wont be the case this year my friends.
So many people are struggling right now...there are so many families that will not have a Christmas as many of us have come to know. Many of my own immediate family members are in this same boat..and I know many other families who are going through some of the same things. Let me just say...that Christmas is NOT about receiving gifts, it is not about buying gifts it is about GIVING and it is about CELEBRATING love and our families and that we have one another. Many will say that is true and then go out and drop money they don't even have on charge cards out of feelings of obligation, keeping up with the neighbor...it is a given that we all feel the spirit of Christmas if you celebrate it at all..and many will say children don't understand that concept but that is only because it is what they have come to know by what they are taught.  Christmas will be slim here this year. My immediate family has all agreed to not buy gifts this year, we will getting together and feasting and celebrating, but there will not be gifts and we are all happy as a bird with a french fry over this. The kids will of course receive a few things each, and others I will be doing hand-made gifts for. My cards will be hand-made, my wrapping paper and tags will be hand-made and rather than giving in the way we all tend to do..I'd very much like to find other ways of giving. Giving of my time to help a charitable organization, donating old coats, gloves and winter wear to those who do not have any. 
Another idea I had last year and I did not get to do it, but would love to this year is to collect hats, gloves and socks to cover a tree with. Homeless people need socks and gloves and it would be nice to be able to set up a tree downtown somewhere and cover it with these items and allow people in need to pick an item off the tree...
I'd also like to find a Army or Reserves unit to donate to for the holiday and collect items to send to them overseas in a box. Some of those soldiers haven't seen a Christmas at home in years. Last year time got away from me and once I am no longer sick I may be posting something about collecting these items and maybe some of you out there will want to join me in a quest of giving something more than a material possession for the holiday to those in need. More to come on that later.
I am not feeling well tonight folks, wanted to get my butt back to work tomorrow but may need one more day. This lack of sleep and inability to lay down is catching up fast with me...all of this has me exhausted and sleeping sitting up is not working for me so well. I lay down and try to prop my head higher than usual and of course I fall asleep but it is what will come next that is bothersome. It only last for about an hour or two and then when I get up I am so congested from laying down I start the process of non stop blowing my poor RAW nose...and coughing so hard my brain hurts. 
Pray for me this starts getting better...I can't take much more of it friends...nor can I miss much more work I can't afford it. :/
Well enough for tonight..I hope you are all sleeping well right now...
Dream happy zzz


  1. Debbie, what a fantastic post... despite you not feeling well, this was wonderful of you to share your thoughts & feelings on Christmas.
    I agree... it is not about the "gifts", the holiday is very commercialized.
    So sad, many forget the true meaning behind this holiday!!
    Yes, celebrating "coming together" as a family, sharing a great meal, a warm place, and love under the same roof... "PRICELESS".
    CHEERS!!! ~xx
    p.s. feel better soon, sending "healing" prayers your way. <3

  2. My love and prayers are with you to get better soon! I wrote you a letter yesterday and it is in the mail today. I didn't think you'd be on the computer much with being sick! Ug! I'm definitely being carefully when I go out to wash my hands afterwards!
    I agree with Christmas. It has been a long time since we've spent money on family. If there is any money, it will go to people who really need it. Making and sending out Christmas gifts can also be expensive and going to the post office a nightmare, so hopefully my gifts to friends will be flat, so I won't have to go to the Post Office!
    Get well soon, dear one!