Monday, October 29, 2012

Bits from my night...

More gratitude from the day..
phone calls from my dad saying he loves me
apples with peanut butter and raisins (Thank you pinterest)
colorful paper..I love paper!
Time for creative release..working on swap for April Cole's inspirational packs~!
Music..of course :)
Time well spent with family
friends who lift me up..(hugs)
my bed..heat..pillows and my honey bear
An alarm clock that actually works
Sweet dreams folks! Three day 3 days until ATC deadline for my swap! Hope all is going well for you guys!


  1. Oh my goodness, those apple snacks look awesome!

  2. They are Scralett! Thanks for stopping by give them a try and let me know what you thought. honey is good on them too! :)~

  3. Love the ATC's you showed! I love blowing up the pictures so I can see them better! LOVE your paper! As much paper that I have, I can't resist more! Have to look for some when I get out.

    1. I found a new place Karenann that I am addicted to. Drove past this place for five years and never realized it was there and man I must be blind cause its HUGE! It is called Achievers and they sell the BEST paper I have ever found..I'm very picky about takes me forever to choose it and pick them out...such a dork i know lol This place is wicked awesome..they have an online store if you don't have one West in your is a link to them..
      WARNING...This place is extremely addictive!! <3

  4. Sweet love... just can not get enough of these photos, of your work at hand!! :]
    Same here, love your paper.
    Please do share... were to you shop for these beautiful patterned paper??
    Oh, your ATC's are an artists' delight "hands down!"
    Debbie, you are incredibly talented. ~xx

  5. Hi April I added a link above to the place where I shop for paper..its the one I was telling you about online the other night..the place is HUGE and its unreal the stuff they have..its like every store you could imagine to but art supplies and mixed media madness...all rolled into one..the place is like crack I'm warning you...I kid you not the first time Don & I walked in there..I swear I heard heavenly bells and the voices of angels..I had to check my pulse lol ;) Thanks for the kind words..I love you both! <3