Sunday, October 28, 2012

Plans for the day have changed...

Well today is my only day off and I really just wanted to stay in my PJ's and relax but its not looking very likely right Mom called and she is having one of my brothers over that I have not seen or talked to in some time...she is making chicken and dumplings and how in the WORLD can we turn that down? So we are going to get moving here and head over there...guess I will spend the evening hours working on art and hopefully add some more blogging time before the night ends.
Hate saying no to my was such a long week with work and being sick and I was really looking forward to some down time...
there is always later...cant pass up time with family. :)
Hope you all have a good day today..

Sunday Gratitude List!

being alive
 having a job
warm fall clothes
chicken & dumplings
hot showers
soft tissue...been blowing my nose for a week like crazy..
(hard tissue and toilet paper sucks!)
cough drops
conditioner :) pantene
good smelling candles
music...thank you God for music...
it heals my soul..allows me to vent in productive ways
and holds special places in my soul...
art supplies
self expression
the internet lol
ability to read
irony...sometimes lol
I'm sure I will have more to add to this list later today! :)
tata for now!
oh ya one more thing...with each passing football game...
we are closer to done with the football season!
hehe ssshh...can't let Don hear that one lol ;) 
(Just as I typed that I heard a big football "YES" from him watching the game....yikes!

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