Tuesday, October 16, 2012

LIFE. Note to self...

I created this new digital art this morning while pondering the ups and downs in life. 
It would be a perfect world if every day allowed for us to be 100% positive but some days are just not as good as others and while so many people have the ability or desire to only focus on the positive it is hard sometimes to do that. To me this is just honest and real..
I try to give myself firm affirmations and it helps me to continue to be positive even when it is hard. 
And so..here is my digital art ..note to self and to anyone else it may serve well today. There are several versions of color range because I just couldn't decide which one I most liked.
Hope this touches someone today and hope it helps me make it through the week too. 
All original, made in Photoshop with only blank canvas, textures, brushes, fonts and shapes.


 I numbered these as a means of telling you which ones I think I like best but also to get your opinions. I am curious to see what color scheme most catches your eye! Please leave a comment if you would be so kind and let me know the ones you most like! Thanks!

My favorites: 1,3,6,9


  1. I agree with you, Debbie. Putting on a false positivity isn't real, isn't honest, and most of the time isn't fooling anyone.

    Sometimes things just suck and that's ok. The trick is, I think, choosing how you respond to the sucky things that come your way. And look at you! You've chosen to be truthful, but you've also channeled that into something artistic and beautiful. All very real, and true.

    I love them all - they each evoke a different mood or season. At the moment, the one that strikes me is #6.

    Hope you find some brightness in your day, today.

    1. Thank you so much Jeannine for your kind words. Thisa really did come from my heart and soul this morning and I needed as badly as anyone else may have...that note to self and reminder. Thank you for appreciating real and honest..some people have a hard time with that and its unfortunate. I can only be me :) Thank you sincerely for stopping by and giving me some feedback! :) <3

  2. Love all the colors but I like 4 the best. LOVE the saying!!! Will have to copy that one down!

    1. I wrote the saying myself Karen..a few people today asked my who wrote it or if I was going to use quotation marks and give citation LOL I'm an English and APA Professional Tutor in my day job so that is funny to me people should just know I would never use someone elses quote / words with giving credit...Thank you for the feddback! Much love! ((you))

    2. correction: without giving credit LOL I never said I don't make errors and HEY..I'm not at work here! LOL

  3. Wonderful words & love the layout... Id have to say #6 is my favorite.
    Keep up the good work ~xx

  4. Thank you dear! I too like #6. :)