Friday, October 19, 2012

Truth is...

New digital art. One hour art challenge from yesterday.
Have a good day folks..wish us luck and fill your life with color this weekend!


  1. Beautiful work!!! Hope the weekend comes fast for you and you have a wonderful time!!! Hugs!

  2. Absolutely the weekend is here and your letter and tags came in the mail!! THANK YOU!! Was so happy to find it there you did not have to go through all of that trouble but promise to make something wonderful for you out of them! :) You;re the best Karen! Much love and thanks for the nice words. hugs

  3. I really like this layout, Debbie.
    The color palette is very pretty, along with the saying...
    made me smile. ~xx

  4. Thank you April! I write a lot actually and find it funny that the last two works of art I did like this people asked who the quotes were by and why I did not give credit for them. That would be because their mine! I should have found a job at some point in my life writing greeting cards and designing them lol I could so do it and it would just flow from me daily...
    Thank you for always being supportive and your kind words <3