Friday, October 26, 2012

Reminders Today

  • That I have the best friends in the whole world!
  • That even when things are bad, there are things worth smiling about in every day!
  • can explain something 46 different ways, and there is still the potential that  others will never understand lol
  • That although my dog is bad sometimes, I’d sure be upset if something happened to him and I’d miss him terribly.
  • That ANYTHING can be made with paper :)
  • That MATH will never be something I care to learn more than I need to survive with.
  • That I’m pretty lucky to be loved as I am...
  • That happy mail from my friends, means more to me than the senders may ever know!
  • That when I am down or having a bad day.. I miss my girls and Dons kids too!
  • can work hard and it wont be recognized, appreciated or rewarded but that you have to still keep working hard if for no one else but yourself.
  • That sleep is NOT over rated.

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