Sunday, October 28, 2012

Long week!

Hi everyone...hope this finds you well. Wanted to stop by and say...thank goodness the weekend has finally arrived for me and hope its been a good one for you all thus far. Have been working lots of hours ot make up for time missed while I was very sick last week. My only day off this week is tomorrow...(today if we are looking at the clock!) Have a day of ART planned for tomorrow...making a good dinner for Don, and while he enjoys football I will be lost on art supplies having ME time! Whoa right? you bet...some nights I get in so late and I sit here with sleepy eyes still in business attire and just gaze at my supplies...wishing I had the energy to utilize them. That is just the name of the game of survival I guess...
Went to my sisters after work tonight for a Welcome Home party for my nieces fiance' Johnny who I have probably mentioned a few times here on the past week or two...He just returned home, unharmed I add, from a 13 month stay in Afghanistan. So good to have him home...Here are a few photos.
This is Henry on the right and Johnny on the left. Welcome home guys..we are so thankful to you both for your incredible strength and service to this country! Johnny and Henry were deployed together spent a short time in Iraq together and then were in different parts of Afghanistan together...returned home together and so tonight's party was to honor them and another solider Dave who didn't get there until I had left tonight..he was wounded and healing... We do wish you well Dave and glad you are home too!
My brother n law Mark...he is the best!
My daughter Kori, my mother and my other daughter Samantha!:)
My nephew Chris's daughter Desirea...what a doll huh?
So many more photos to come...just getting tired tonight and would like to have a productive day of art tomorrow...
Was so nice to see my family tonight and hang out with them...we dont do it often enough really but if there was ever a good cause for celebration it was this! 
See you all tomorrow!
Oh one daughters and I :)
Really dislike photos of this wont happen too often. Well not until the rest of the weight I want to lose is gone...really really really dislike photos of myself..i take the photos...not pose for them! Love this one pride and joy girls..Kori and Sam!


  1. Aww... love everything about this post, Debbie!
    What a wonderful time everyone is having.
    Spending it together... love under one roof... priceless!! :]
    You are beautiful, no doubt about it!! Great to see a photo of you. ~xx
    "Cheers" to family & friends, enjoy.

    1. Thanks are far too kind don't feel so beautiful but getting there...maybe by march or so? lol ;) Still got it going on on the inside...those girls next to their beautiful!! (pat on my back) I DO make really pretty babies so I've been told LOL :D

  2. Loved your blog post! Loved all the wonderful pictures! LOVED seeing your picture! You are beautiful!!! Awesome gal!!! Have a great day!

  3. Aww you guys are the dearest friends..I love you both!! Glad you guys enjoyed the post more photos to come!