Saturday, November 10, 2012

Easy Artful Goodness!

Having a blast tonight with these cuties..I went nuts..had a whole bag of clothes pins and wanted to make some sort of hanging art / inspiration device..and found these on pinterest..I nailed it! Their so easy to make.
In case you want to give it a go there really are no rules I found tons of images of different uses for these as well as designs and materials used. For the ones I am going to show you I used the following supplies:
  • Gesso or white paint
  • acrylic paints various brands colors
  • glue and gel medium..even a cheap glue stick will work ..I'm just ocd about glue.
  • scissors
  • scraps of scrap booking paper,  free color swatches from will see further down..
  • Washi tape..this ended up being my favorite supply for these it works wonderful
  • stamp pads
  • rubber stamps...I like to use the cheap 1.00 ones from various stores in case I apply paint and other supplies so if they get ruined or yucked up as I call it they can be replaced inexpensively
  • wooden clothes pins...super cheap you can find these at the dollar store
These can be used to hang Christmas paper and letters organized..add to a journal anything anything..
Had lots of fun with these...
Washi Tape worked great..can be simple or more complex

Acrylic painted ones were slightly messy to make...but love them too.. a bit more vintage
As can use these for various things
Rubber stamps and ink work best on ones with paper...painted ones need time to dry
love this one!
Just old scraps ..people always ask why I keep small scraps...ahem...
Cheap glue sticks work fine but if you want them last, seal with gel medium like I did
Apply washi tape while still on roll if you can ..for accuracy
these color swatches are free in Home Depot, Walmart, Meijer and others..:) gotta love free!
Cute for holding Christmas cards..Christmas lists..or even for trees..if that's your gig?

 Noe off to work on tags and a paper machet heart..will share at some point hope you enjoyed these..give them a try their fun! Even small children can make these and they can be done cheap, and with little mess...unless you are me...YIKES!


  1. Love these, Debbie!!
    Your are terrific... adore your take on clothes pins. :]
    I see a few "new" ideas here, thank you for sharing ~xx
    Your are absolutely "adorable!!"

  2. Thank you Dear..glad you like them..make some their addicting, cheap and fun! Please share your ideas for them too when their done..I'd love to see them I have no doubt you will rock these!

  3. I love Michaels cheap rubberstamps! A couple of weeks ago when I was there, they were on sale. Can't remember the price. I'm brain dead right now, but it came out to 66 cents each and they had neat snowflake ones!!! So I got three different ones! I'm happy! Now to save all those small bits of paper for my clothes pins! Will have to have a special box for the papers. Love organizing. I'm sick. I know. I still can't find some stuff though.

  4. Me too!! No matter how well I organize..I make messes cause I forget where I organized it and will dig through ten things to find one little thing its a sick...artist cycle of insanity lol But we love it!!!! I too love the cheap stamps..I have a large box full of the clear stamps..I mostly like the textures cause they can be used so many ways for so many things..those dollar ones I got for like 45 cents a week or two ago from Joann's...they have them too and Joann's always has wonderful 1.00 bins of stickers and embellishments and scraps..Don claims I spend hours digging through it all but that's a total......exaggeration ;) Men ...they have no perception of time..while shopping that is lol hehe