Saturday, November 03, 2012

First Poster Design Complete!

So..I made a post the other day about this charity event through work that I am hosting..
we need a poster to hang around the campus to market it and get the campus aware of the event...I am going to create a few different posters and let the good folks in my department all give their input on which one they like best...I'm getting really excited about this event and there will be more to come on it as it comes together. 
Worked on some mail art packages last night are a few of the things I made for my dear art swappin pal!

I just wanna say...I honestly am full of gratitude for the friends I have made in this online art world.
Two in particular though if you are reading this I'm full of gratitude for you as well. I wanna give mention to April Cole and to Karenann Young though...and I'll tell ya why. 
Back when I started getting more regular with blog posting..April Cole has seemingly the only soul in this great big world who was faithfully reading my blog and leaving tons of support and kindness in the form of comments meant a lot to me cause when you first start blogging you kinda feel like no one is listening or watching and it helped me feel I was not alone. She embraced me from day one and acting as nothing less than a friend from them forward...we have since become wonderful friends and I adore her, her amazing talent and artistic gifts..and her wonderful true heart. She is real, friendly and so supportive. April I love you, thanks for you! :)
Karenann Young..Has become one of my dearest friends as well. In a short time we have become so close and I admire her for many, many reasons. Her art is some of the best mixed media art out there and I love her work..she has a heart of gold and has embraced like a lifelong friend as well and is so supportive of my work. 
When Don was in the hospital..i came home very worried and alone cause he was admitted and found a package in my mailbox from April Cole..that said just because..I know you have been down with Don being sick and just wanted to lift your spirits...when I had surgery they both did the same...when  I was terribly sick for the past two weeks with a bad case of Bronchitis..(still sick really) they sent nice things just to make my day brighter. When I get off work from a long day...and come home to check the mail or find mail waiting on my desk and there is something from one of them... it just makes my day.
Mail art has become so near and dear to my is not just for me anyways..a way to network with artistic people and get your name out into the art world..ATC's offer that ability more so and they usually end up in hands of people you dont always know personally...but mail art and packages are far more personal. In this world of technology, where no one writes hand written letters anymore..which I love...It is so refreshing to get a hand written letter or little note attached to something wonderful...I keep every letter..every is among what I consider prized possessions. 
And so...sit down today...send a friend or loved one or art friend from afar something nice..a card..a hand written letter..some cut up tid-bits that they may like for their artistic ventures and journeys!
may step out to go to Joann's with my sister and Chris...and working on art for the day. 
Maybe more to come later :)
Have a great Saturday and say hello if time permits! 
Tata for now friends!


  1. Hello Debbie
    Honestly, I broke down into tears...
    while reading this post...
    So far, in my life... no one has ever gone out of their way to tell me this.
    "CHEERS" to our friendship... I LOVE YOU TOO!! ~xx

  2. :) No tears...Thanks for you April! (hug)

  3. Love you dear! Hopefully once things calm down with my Mom, I'll be back more. I certainly haven't and won't forget you!

  4. ( love you Karen) Big and your family are in my thoughts and I am here for you..don't forget that. You take care. xx

  5. I’m so glad I found your post! I’m always inspired to see people live their passion for art. I think your mail art design looks perfect. I know it’s a lot of work, as the lettering and the printing (whether hand written or printed) are integral parts of the design. This means that only those who are patient enough can successfully finish a single project.

    1. Hi nice to know others are actually reading this here blog..sometimes it feels like ghost town around here :) Thank you so much for your kind words! Not so sure about that patient thing...wish I had more of it! :)