Friday, November 02, 2012

Weekend Art Fun!

So stoked the weekend is finally here! Stopped and grabbed a few things to use on the many things I need to get out in the mail this weekend! Found some really cool finds. Check...this out pals..
For 1.99 I found these stickers..that come with a go to the website, create an account and you can upload voice, video or a text message with this it in scrapbooks, on journal pages, in mail or cards..the reciever then going to the website..punches in the code at the bottom of the sticker and it will show the video, play the sound or show the message! Technology is great..just blows me away! Here is an image of the's
Pretty sweet huh? Cheap too I can't believe it these things are awesome!
Here is a link to the website where you can watch a video on these..
So..just going to be working on some mail art packages and getting these ATC swaps wrapped up...Kinda looking forward to getting back to my photos, digital art and painting..I go through phases..where I work primarily on journaling, or a month away I'm doing all sorts of ATC and collageing, the next month I break out the sewing machine..and the next I'm painting, sketching or making  something else..too many interest hence I can never call myself one type of artist..I never stick to only one medium...
goodies! :)
Catch you folks later...hope there are fun things on your table..


  1. Cool! I think that money is actually going to go on my visa card, to pay for already purchased art supplies, lol.

    1. Sweet! Love art supplies...make sure to get yourself a little something too new to play with!! :)

    Love everything about this post...
    it is full of fun, "artsy" goodness & inspiration!! :]
    Take care, my friend. ~xx

  3. Thank you lovely...some of this good fun artsy stuff was used for your package that will be on its way! :) Glad you like it...