Friday, November 23, 2012

Had To Delete Pages apparently I have reached some sort of photo quota here at and had to delete over 1,000 images from Picasa in order to be able to post here. I deleted all of my pages..which is fine with me because it was a great deal of much older art which I have backed up...but it still was very frustrating and I feel a bit wrong to not be warned in any way that I was approaching this quota.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving ..we sure much to be thankful for. Guess what? We are seeing our first snow flakes of the year RIGHT NOW here in Michigan! :) My tree is smells wonderful in this nice freshly cleaned house..feels DAMN good to have a day company coming Don's daughter, husband and son from out of state who we have missed terribly...its a good day! May head out to do some stocking stuffer kinda shopping tonight and grab a bite to eat..and then tonight...its me and the art supplies ( witch like chuckle) HA!

Lots of goodies coming this way before the weekend ends...

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