Friday, November 23, 2012

Bits From The Week and Thanksgiving!

My beautiful friends.
I hope this finds you all well! and full of turkey and pie and stuffing and all those wonderful things we look forward to each Thanksgiving in our break breaking festivities! Happy Thanksgiving to you all. So much to be thankful for in my life...reflected on those things today more than the "holiday" you could say. Both of my girls being the ages they are had plans this Thanksgiving and missed being with them so much however, I know that Kori my 18 year old is missing her boyfriend Zack and his family since he is away at Michigan State working hard on his studies and Sam actually had the chance to work today from home and make time and a half..gotta do what you gotta do these days and so we were invited to our dear friends home Ember and Joe to celebrate and we had such a great time...more food than ever should be laid before humans..wonderful cooks and wonderful company! Thanks guys for having us, we really had such a great time.
As you may life has been ever so slightly...OK that was a lie...kinda REALLY stressful and more busy than I know how to convey with words lately. Have been working a considerable amount of hours at work and my schedule has been a bit nutty...just this week I worked 10 hours Monday..10 on Tuesday ( then had all sorts of errands to run for holiday preparations) then was right back in the am to open and close for another 10 hour day yesterday..came home and started working on my tree..went to pie night at my sisters place, drove Kori back to New Baltimore, came home finished my tree, wrapped all of the gifts thus far, cooked candied yams from scratch..(which came out amazing for my first try) and didn't get in the bed until well after 2 and well today was Thanksgiving and we had places to go and people to is now almost 1AM and I am sitting finally knowing that tomorrow is a FREE day! No plans, nothing important to do aside from clean well for Saturday when we have my dad and girls here for a second round on Thanksgiving! Yikes...then a free day Sunday and return to a very long schedule and new boss Monday morning!
I have really probably overdone myself in the past two weeks...shot a wedding after working 6 days straight last week and well...its catching up with me big time friends...a bit exhausted and have been so frustrated that I have a bunch of new art supplies and projects to do and haven't been able to get around to them!! So here are some photos from my week...well it looks like you will get no photos apparently I have reached some limit...not very happy blogger...seriously no warning and forcing people to use google+? Not happy at all!

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