Sunday, November 11, 2012

Oil pastels are so messy lol I love it!

There are so many elements in art that I struggle with... or the critic in my head struggles with.
I love oil pastels and I love to art it is my first love.. but I am so critical of my work and I have to really push myself and rework and rework oil pastels.  I watch videos, I read books..I try various techniques...
With honesty..I have rarely played with them despite having various sets of them. They intimidate me because I don't typically like the work I do with them..have taken photos and tracked my progress ..will share those later on...its late..

As a teen I loved their ability to blend in abstract works..however as an adult I envy those artist that oil pastel work comes natural to..

This is what is on my drawing table right now...first stages really but I like her so far..

On a far less fortunate note:
Just had to call the police and I am completely full of anxiety and shaking..
some guy and girl were in the parking lot at my apartments fist fighting.
She was screaming like a lunitic and so was he Don and I looked out and he was slamming her into the car they were both throwing punches and grabbing each other...almost 2am here..
Can't tell you what they sound does to me. 
Don't hesitate the police.
HATE that feeling and sound..
more than I can convey to any of you in words.


  1. I miss a couple of days looking at your blog and there are tons of stuff on it!!! Your oil pastel drawing looks awesome!... As far as calling the police about things, I call them!!! I don't hesitate at all! They appreciate it!... Pissed that I didn't know about April's birthday! Will have to do something about that! ...Love the clothes pin art!!! You are awesome! I LOVE little projects like that, that I can do without thinking I have to make a masterpiece of art! There was something else. Fabulous on losing that much weight! You are amazing!!! Have aa great weekend!

  2. Aw thanks my are pretty darn amazing too!! <3