Thursday, November 08, 2012

Update on Sewing Machine

If you rad the last blog then you know my current life crisis is that with only weeks left until Christmas and 1/2 or more of my gift ideas for others being sewn singer sewing machine after working beautifully weeks ago...was pulled out last night and is not working. The issue seems to be inside the machine where the foot pedal cord plugs in. Can't express with ANY type of appropriate upset I am about this. Good news is that I contacted Singer this morning and they are going to send me out an extended warranty letter to get it fixed for is the kicker. The letter takes 4-6 business days to get here...and then they only have two service centers in Michigan one being in Flint, MI. which is well over an hour away from me..SO..this means..I will have to wait a week for the letter...wait for a day off (Next week only Sunday working Mon-Fri and have a wedding to shoot in Sat.) and drive over an hour up to Flint...drop it off God only knows how long that will take for them to fix..and then...come back and wait to go back and pick it up. My fear? It wont be done in time for me to get the projects done that I wanted to make as Christmas gifts and I didn't have a plan B...everyone keeps saying make art...ya that's all good but that was not my plan and that itself can be very time consuming more in fact than the sewing machine would have I'm a bit torn. Borrow a sewing machine? Hm...and if something happens to these sensitive creatures we call sewing machines...I'm responsible...not so sure I am up for that either so...time to get clever. I am still regardless of time constraints and such to make a great deal of my gifts this holiday..but its gotta be clever and meaningful for me to be happy with that....will get back to you all on this matter. lol
SINGER...thank you for the letter of extended warranty that was kind it really was have been in business how long? You are a multi _____ dollar company? And only TWO service centers in the entire state of Michigan? Come on now....

(rage face)
Me...the peculiar.

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  1. I sure hope that something good will come out of your sewing machine problems. I had a problem with my machine recently and I was able to fix it myself, all by myself. It was called cleaning and oiling the machine! Geez! I knew it should be done, but I never did it. Bad me. What if you do this. Everyone that you were going to make something with your sewing machine, got a nice note from you explaining the problem and saying that Santa's helpers will be delivering their presents late. I don't see why anyone would mind that. As far as your seasonal depression goes, have you ever tried that "light" therapy? I'm sure you've heard of it. You are supposed to sit in front to it for some amount of time, and it is "suppose" to help. I've never looked into it, but I was told that it might help me. I'm just a bit cautious about this for myself because when I was told this, it was in the middle of summer and here we have 360 days a year of sunshine! Duh!