Thursday, November 08, 2012


OK Folks...hope this post finds you well but if you are up for some sunshine and rainbows this would NOT be the post you wanna stick around for today I'm keepin it real and I'm pretty bummed.
My oldest daughter bought me just over one year ago a beautiful Singer Brilliance 6180 sewing machine..I had been wanting one so bad and she didn't just get me one she got a GREAT one. With very hard earned money and it was not cheap by any means for a 22 year old to be buying...I can't begin to tell you how much I mean it when I say..its been my favorite gift EVER.  I really mean it I have gotten so much enjoyment from it..and so ..i baby it of course..and take good care of it...I have used it possibly 30-40 times...tops...its been stored in my closet for the past month since I made some baby stuff for my friend Lisa and I have spent the last two weeks finding all sorts of really cool projects to make for Christmas gifts with it...Couldn't wait to get home tonight and got it all out and set up..which is a pain this room honestly cause my apartment is far too small for an art studio bedroom lol....and the inside part for the foot pedal cord is broken. :( I can't express to you all how upset I am. I know that getting sewing machines fixed are not cheap and I do believe that Singer machines, the newer ones that are computerized like this one have to be shipped out to the Singer manufacturer to be fixed...IF I had the money to get it fixed and even if I did...its not going to get back to me in the time I would need it to be back to make the gifts I wanted to. I'm so upset.

Further, I believe I may suffer from bouts of seasonal depression and I'm fighting it like the plague but it getting dark every night by 5:30 pm here in Michigan is rough folks. I hate it. I need some vitamin D in my life it fills me up. I don't like heat so hot I cant breath or the humidity that causes the worse headaches in the world but I do need some sunshine from time to time....

I have no art to offer tonight though had my machine worked I would be sharing photos of the beginning of my Christmas gift making...I had no plan B...time to start working on a plan B...but for pillow is calling me and I'm ready to say good riddance to this night. Sorry for being a Debbie downer but sometimes life gets ya...that's just real folks. Keepin it real.

peace & love and hopes for a better day tomorrow . Come on weekend...I'm soooo ready for ya.

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  1. Dearest Debbie... this post is real, it's YOU, & YOUR LIFE. ~xx
    and that, is what I come to read, enjoy, and share in on, your life!!
    Sorry about the sewing machine.
    I know how frustrating it is when your tools for creating for broken, this one is a very special one at that!!
    ((keeping my fingers crossed, that Singer with make things right))
    Also, I can relate to the "seasonal blues".
    I try and remind myself of this word... "acceptance".
    Accept what is it come and roll with the punches :]
    I know... easier said than done. ((LOL))
    Sending your some "sunshine" ~xx