Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Week is off to a start...

Opening this week and for the next two weeks..
body isn't use to that I'm a night owl..trying to force myself to get in the bed early doesn't always work that well for me.
However..the evenings are offering an earlier start on art projects...
sneak peak...
real pine needles, burlap, cheese-cloth, cotton, ink, Pachira aquatica = pedal or lleaf of money tree, acrylic paint and ink..so far..the start of something special. 

I do much better making my owl templates that I do using a pattern.
Don't mind the crazy scribble notes..that is how I map out what I want to do with something...it is rare I ever stick to it but its a starting point..

Thankful today for God, my girls, my families, friends, my job, 
coffee beans, good smelling candles, my alarm clock working right,
good sleep, hot showers and cool air in my window.
Breathing...the simple things in life we take from granted.


    Heart & wings... off to a fantastic start, Debbie. :]
    An adorable mix of elements.
    I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE the finished pieces!!
    Love seeing a sneak peek of your artwork, very inspiring.
    Happy Tuesday. ~xx

  2. Sorry about your "early" start working. Adjusting to a new schedule usually takes two weeks. It's dark out when you get up! Geez! Am having a ball with the clothes pins! Luckily I have some wooden ones that I use to hang up clothes! Your art project looks very interesting! Can't figure out what it will be!