Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I will not let this week kill me!

Hello my the heck is life treatin ya huh?
I sure hope its going well for you all..
My title kinda tells you where I'm at tonight. Pretty much exhausted from this week so far. It is week 8 of a 10 week quarter at the college I work for..been working some extra hours to help them out in a time of need and help myself to a few extra hours of pay through the holidays but the kicker is that it is week 8 of 10...students are being slammed and need help which can be as challenging as a physical job believe it or not..and on top of that I am a night girl and my schedule has been flipped for just a couple of weeks to accommodate the centers needs..which I dont mind doing but I HATE mornings! I have closed and been a night owl for my entire existence and well...5-6-7am have never really been my friends. I have a hard time going to sleep before 1-2am and well you do the math lol
Aside from a hectic week..5 days of opening this week Saturday will offer little rest for I have a wedding to shoot for my ex's nephew..still call him my nephew..taught the kid how to tie his shoes, and potty trained him and now he is getting married! 
In between hectic work days and trying to prepare for the holidays..I've been trying to make some hand made gifts..been trying so hard not to share too many of them here in case their for one of you but this one is for a co worker so I can certainly share it correct? These vintage wall hangings are about 8-9 inches tall and about 12-13 inches wide I'm guessing? They are so incredibly simple to make that if a 8-9 year old who has been taught to carefully sew by hand a basic stitch, they could make these...including the flowers that take all of about 3 minutes to make! I posted on Facebook that if anyone is interested in making them I would be happy over the next week to put together a simplistic tutorial. There is no way any two would be the same..the possibilities for creativity and variations of this craft are endless..I have drawn out a ton of sketches with sloppy notes for making different ones.. some with hidden or obvious pockets to tuck notes in...This one you see has scented dry flowers inside for smell...this one has a long way to go to completion but wanted to share with you all while I have time tonight...can be made with any designed cotton material, all natural embellishments..I have collected pine cones, pine needles, pressed dry leafs and have recycled some old buttons and charms from broken jewelery that I had been holding on to..
So without further ado..
Love this image..some of the items you see have not been used yet obviously
Can't see well but about 9 inches tall
 Wated to add here that these can be made small to be put in stockings, on top of packages or anything!!
Stamped cotton flowers..take 3 minutes to kidding!

love skeleton keys as many of you know..not sure what I will add to this one I draw them and then improvise as I go

 Come on weekend!
What you see is not done but will all you see..I was about do it from start to 45 minutes..not bad...come a day off..I could get 5 done or more ..wanting to make myself one at some point too..
Hope you enjoyed this and you are having a good week.
It will be so glorious sleep past 6am. :) Tonight..will be out like light once my head hits that pillow and I get some snuggle! :) Night folks!
peace & love

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