Saturday, December 01, 2012

Late..and happy for the most part...

Hello pals! Hope this finds you well..starting to look a lot like Christmas around these parts..things are getting busy right about the time they started calming down for me lol Figures right? So happy I found a way to get a music player here on my blog..even if not a single one of you ever listen to the music I post my blog feels naked without tunes it is such a huge part of my life. Don helped me find this hipster place cause the old website I used for playlists and music player here shut down...kinda makes me angry I lost some great playlists..however...I have been sitting here for well over an hour flipping out at how many old Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac songs I was able to find on this website..took some serious trips down memory lane...Most of the music I ended up adding is by them...just been a real fan most of my natural born life ..can remember growing up on them with my siblings who all loved them and it just stayed with me forever more and a teenager Stevie was without a doubt...hands down my favorite artists..and so...if you look all the way down to the bottom of the page you will see the can skip songs..see what songs are there turn it off or whatever you like...
It is late and I am a long day tomorrow however....get to sleep in oh ya oh ya that's right ( happy dance!) Bliss....
Almost done with your Christmas shopping? I am..few more small things and some gift cards to grab and I'm the last bit done tonight aside from those mentioned things...thankfully..nothing I hate more than shopping those last few days before Christmas..
Been working here and there on those mini journals I shared with you...their adorable and so happy with them...have made three of them now and two of them are not really complete but have some photos to share then off to bed for me...make sure to check out that playlist its pretty amazing...few of the songs I found I had forgotten about entirely....but the lyrics came back to me with all that love for the songs...amazing....for sure one of my top 3 favorite bands of all time.
And so....some photos from under my tree...and some mini journals..more to come this weekend. Gone most of the day tomorrow...heading out to Flint to drop off my sewing machine tomorrow afternoon after making huge pot of home made chicken noodle soup for my girls...then we are all heading to Birch Run...should be a fun festive night! :)
Love hanging out with my girls...surely to be a disagreement of some sort over WHO is the DJ in my car...I use to tell them when they had their own cars they could listen to whatever they want and ironically...they listen to everything they use to try to make me turn so it wont be that big of a battle...just a battle over WHO chooses the songs LOL I say the driver what do you think? ;)
peace pals...xx
Maybe Kori's gift? being Santa!

Maybe Sam's?

Center one is complete...others just made today..not even close to done

More to come this weekend folks...aahh...time for rest finally...sleep good
sleep in
sleep long...with three pillows..and complete darkness...and not too hot.....and....
aaahhh hahaaa....sleep. Gonna feel good...205 been up since 530am. Night zzz


    Very inspiring, Debbie... love your creations.
    Keep "arting". YOU ROCK!! ~xx

    1. Thank guys are way too nice to me...but thanks! You guys are wonderful for the ego strokes..really! My two besties! :) xx

  2. Your journals look awesome! Can't wait till we get our tree up! It's only about two feet tall, but we love it! Hope you have a great day!

    1. You both will have one coming your way..if I ever have a moments rest!! :) xo Love you Karen! (hugs)