Monday, December 03, 2012

Lomo anyone?

I've been toying with the idea of getting a lomograhy camera such as the Diana camera for quite some time now. It is not for the sake of taking a perfect photo in fact it is just the opposite of a perfect photo it is a means of taking very distorted photos with off colors and its a very much more artistic approach. I came so close today to getting an adapter for my Canon that has the Diana effect however..once again I have shown myself that a little elbow grease..and not that much honestly can save a great deal of money in the end!
Here are two examples of unaltered photos...not the best ust images I grabbed spontaneously to try this out in Photoshop no real aim in the photos I selected to use but none the less proved the point...
Original...unedited or altered in any way

Lomo tutorial


Lomo tutorial

Guess I wont be buying the camera or the adapter lens! This is just a couple of select photos and you may even like the images that are originals much better but there are times I like getting more creative than taking that perfect photo. One of my five 2013 goals is to finally do the one year photo project where you take one photo every day for a year to record bits of your days and life. I failed miseerally last year two weeks into it...its a bit harder than one might think to do when you work and have such hectic schedules...but I'm going to give it another go and looking for ways of making just common photos a bit more interesting.

Link to the lomo tutorial I used. Way cool in my opinion. Catch you guys on the flip side! 
Peace and love and fluffy pillows! xx


  1. I rather like your altered photos. I know nothing about photography much less Lomo. My father used to be a professional photographer. I tried once to take B&W photos of things thinking maybe I had some talent. This was long before digital cameras. The pictures were bland. I don't know if this is possible, but if you want to take a photo every day, maybe set up a certain time everyday to do, like first thing in the morning, at lunch, before bed or something. I'm trying to do a drawing everyday, and it has gotten to be shifted to doing it right before bed so I only make a quick sketch. Have to find a better time for it. Good luck! You certainly have the talent for it!

  2. Thanks Karen..I did not pick the best photos for the works much better with rustic out of focus more urban if you will type photos...check out the new blog post I am about to make quickly before I call it a night for more info on lomo..glad you like them and thank you..

  3. Very interesting topic, thanks for posting all the info. on "Lomo"photography. You are a natural...
    GOOD LUCK on your personal challenge, a photo a day.
    YOU CAN DO IT!! ~xx