Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random shots from my week

My friend's cat..what a puurrty kitty
Hm..meant for another table? LOL
Friends historical home in downtown New Baltimore that I decorate for the holidays each year. Three trees and all sorts of goodies and trim...did that Saturday more photos later on that...
I love the holidays and all the shine..
Having fun making some of my own gift wrap
My moms backside to the far left lol and her living room with the beautiful and HUGE poinsettia that I won at my company Christmas breakfast yesterday.. I said before winning it "If I win one I am going to drive it over and give it to my mom" I keep my word...write that down somewhere would ya? Above the navity scene you see all my mothers grand daughters..wearing the same sailor dress..a tradition she requested the far left two top and bottom are my girls ...aahh they grow up so fast..
The Learning Center Giving Tree that we are collecting donations for at work..very proud of this prject and the donations have double since this photo...so exciting and what a great cause!!
So there you have it not the greatest images in the world but bits from my week and crazy busy life..made another 100 dark chocolate, walnut, mini chips, sprinkles and white chocolate drizzle pretzles for my pals at work in various departments...these things are a HIT let me tell ya...I feel like I am walking in to work tomorrow with valuables..lol

I ave found the way...to my colleagues hearts LOL
My cutie story Kori...helping me at Maggie's house on Sunday..always helpful and got a bag of goodies for helping her mumma..drives me nuts she hates getting her photo taken and wont smile with teeth she thinks she doesn't have a nice smile but its beautiful...:) I'll take it however I can get it! lol
random..and not portfolio worthy type photos but none the less a good week and noteworthy holiday activities..watched A Christmas Carol tonight with Don the one that is newly animated with Jim Carey..the annimation blows me away in this one the faces are just amazing..great story...and now..wont be long before bed..much to do tomorrow after work..the weeks are getting busier and busier my friends...hang tight I'm still here just running and running...
love + dark chocolate :)~


    Love all the "CHRISTMAS SPIRIT" here! :]
    Sweet & full of love, great post.
    Thank you for sharing, bits of your life with me. ~xx

  2. Thank you April! Life has been a bit nutty you know that! sorry for the lack of posting here that should clear up oh by next year lol