Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday...updates and things.

Hi folks. Coming to you from home in my jammies today. Took the day off. As much as I cannot afford to miss any days of work..I'm getting sick and need not be right now things are so intense and busy...such bad timing. My body aches and my throat is killing me...hope this is short lived is all I can tell ya.
I hope this blog post finds you all doing better that I today...the past few weeks have been beyond insane kind of busy. Trying to prep for the holidays, was working extra hours, working after work doing some graphic design stuff, selling some prints, managing the charity event for the Care House that I have been working on...and just keeping up with life..Friday I worked nine hours came home changed clothes and headed back out to do some graphics work until 11pm...hit Kroger, made over 100 chocolate dipped pretzels for a holiday party with my girls and their dad on Saturday..its been intense...think that is why I am getting sick just running myself into the ground and cant WAIT for the holidays to settle down. As much as I love Christmas, it is a great deal of work I'm sure you all can relate to that!
Just wanted to come by and tell you all that I have not fallen off the face of Earth. Still alive and kickin! Just very busy.
Lots of new art things coming once all of this holiday madness settles. Been fighting some bouts of depression as well lately which helps with nothing! The incident that happened in CT. has me just sickened and so well as all of you I am sure. You can't have a heart and it not be broken by such a tragedy...things need to change. Not going to use my blog to rant and rage but surely could go on for days about my feelings and thoughts on this topic...going to pass on that for now since I've been sharing it all on heart is just broken entirely for the parents, the staff, the children and this nation.

Kori and Zack! So nice to see him home from state Saturday!

My Sam :)


  1. Take care of yourself and get well soon, dear one!

  2. Dearest Debbie... you are so special, be good to yourself... give yourself permission to get "let it go!"
    Even if it is for a short while; the feeling of freeing yourself, is amazing!~xx

    p.s. you have a beautiful family, your daughter's are heaven sent... you are blest. <3

  3. Thank you ladies you are the best..I love the two of you dearly~