Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A Fresh Start!

Hey folks..its late and I have to be up early for a brunch at my sisters place but I wanted to come by here and wish you all a very Happy New Year...filled with good health, better choices, artful exploration and growth...love and a ton more kindness to and from mankind...
sorry I haven't been here much lately but life has been intensely busy with the holidays and traveling up north and all of the festivities we partake in..Some rest is in order but not yet...oh no...not yet. Sisters for brunch tomorrow and then home to relax before a few more ten hour days and then the week to come after..will be normal. A regular work week without all of these obligations and have too's and that will allow far more time for dusting this place off...establishing an etsy account...submitting to several publications...some big things in the works and I am determined with this new year for some new beginnings in various areas of my life...hope you have some huge goals and dreams to reach for as well. With this in mind the 365 day photo project is a huge accomplishment I hope to achieve. I tried this project last year and I got two weeks into it and my dad had a car accident and things got a bit nutty however...I'm determined that my 365 will be real. I will keep it going even on bad days and many of the photos may just be lame to most of you...but I will continue to do it becasue its a huge accomplishment to complete one of these projects it takes a great deal of dedication and determination. I am hoping to meet it and not fail myself with this....And so...here is the instillation of Day 1, Project 365.
Had a nice new years eve..headed out into the woods to our dear friends place so nice to see them...cooked us a wonderful meal...and on our way home we stopped in Mount Clemens to watch the firework display at midnight!  Good way to start the year folks!
Off to bed...raising my last sip of blackberry wine to you all...
Many blessings..
Come on 2013..it is what we make it folks!


  1. BEST WISHES, my friend! ~xx
    Your only 364 photos away... to finishing this challenge.

  2. Your photos are awesome!!! I know that you are very talented! I've tried taking pictures and they look awful, but that's OK with me!! Rock on with your new year!!! I still need some quiet time to quietly reflect on what I want to do this new year. love ya!

  3. You guys are the best friends in the world! I love you both so much...xx