Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Long Day On It's Way

Good morning folks...coming to you LIVE.....if that is what you want to call how I feel right now lol at 6:40AM getting ready for a ten hour work day the day after rest for the wicked feeling a bit drained and exhausted from the last four days worth of holiday festivities but momma's gotta get a paycheck and so...showered, coffee ..cup 2 soon...towel on my head and just checkin mail and getting the day rolling thought I would come by and say hello...tell that I hope all of you had a beautiful holiday with your families and friends and blessings were bestowed upon you...all those things that matter most...all the things that are not....things. For one of my dear angel friends, who's grand baby was sick and had to spend the day in the emergency room yesterday getting the little guy are in my thoughts today and I wish and pray the little guy well :)

My mom loved her tussie is a peak at the one I made for her..

I scented the flowers and it smelled amazing! She loved it placed it on top of her gift she is opening it..
She is so silly...and yes she is wearing a wig..her hair has still not grown back in some places from the breast cancer and it doesn't lay right for her so she still is wearing it...I love you Mumma xx
 My father. This was taken on Christmas Eve at my sisters house who took a huge leap of faith and courage and invited my father to her home for a wonderful dinner she cooked. He looks sad here but that isn't really the case...I think he was in deep reflection...he doesn't really always know how to accept love..or maybe some parts of him dont really think he deserves it...but we all do. Time is suppose to heal all things isnt it? I love you Dad. xx
 Cute little mouse I got for my mom..and I see an empty spot there on the back of her coach filled with stuffed goodies she puts out for the holidays ...looks perfect for this little ;) hehe
 My beautiful niece Dessie...aunt Debbie loves you soooo much...she is adorable and has the most adorable personality..I love seeing all the babies in the family during the makes my day!!
 Hunter...coolest little boy on the planet...more knowlege of the Red Wings than most adults! Nana got him a Red Wings gnome and I quote Hunter who said " Mom this is goin in my room" LOL
 Aww...Dessie got a spunky puppy from Nana!!
 My newphew Matt and sister n law Shelia...dont get to see these guys very often so that was a treat. Matt...incredibly proud of you...Matt just became a registered nurse passed his state boards and landed a GREAT job! Way to go boss!!
 Kids are like sponges...Dessie see's my silly Kori place a spoon on her nose and try to hold it there and Dessie follows suit...careful folks...they will follow suit in what they see you do! :)
 My brother Mike...who I don't get to see very often...perhaps one 3 times in the past four or five years...I do wish I could see him more..I love you Mike!!
 My niece and Hunter's mom Rhiannon and her new love John who the family ADORES! John was so nice to have you home for the holidays (military) and we look forward to brunch with you at my sisters New Years Day!! He is a keeper Rhiannon...nice job!!
 Dessie giving Aunt Shelia some love :)
 Aww Dessie wanting a hug and kiss from Hunter and Hunter telling her..."I have a cold" these two are very close and hang out together all of the time..I love it!!!
 My mumma crying over a pillow that my sister n law made her with a quilt to match. The photo is my grandparents. got some crocodile tears out of that one one Shelia...way to show up my tussie mussie hahahaaaa....wonderful gift and beautiful quilt Shelia!
 Hunter schooling Kori on how to feed a grow a dinosaur LOL Kori is mesmerized..or secretly napping ? lol
 Other Johnny...being Johnny lol Love you too and so glad you are home from Afghanistan for this Christmas..Catherine's happiness  with you home is priceless.
Todd and Chis...who have become an essential part of our family love you guys and thank you so much for celebrating with us! It was a joy to have you there...and two belong there with us!
Coolest brother in law ANYONE could ever ask for...and his granddaughter Dessie..
Love you Mark!!
Not even a 1/3 of the insane amount of food at my moms..this is just crazy every year the amount of food at our holiday celebrations..we are very fortunate...what you cant see is the ham, the fresh baked apple pie my mom made from scratch, the cheesy poofs my sister made :) the broccoli casserole, rice and q-cumber salad which my brother Bill makes every year and I look so forward to ( one of my fav's...and WAY more..just crazy amounts of food...this family knows how to eat..we didn't exchange gifts..we brought with us feast! Just the babies get presents..we get presence which is better than any gift.
My family history could be in a book...its not that points in history..downright ugly. Time passes..parents age..children the best of their keeps moving...I wouldn't trade my family for the world...I am who I am because of it all and i am proud of who I am..
I have very little in this life when it comes to things...
I have everything when it comes to love for the people in my family!!
You all are everything to me!


  1. LOVE IT!!
    Fantastic post, Debbie.
    What captures my heart here... is your focus on family and love towards each other, the "real' gifts of Christmas. ~xx

  2. Yes indeed...the finer things in life for sure!